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  • LJ Moreno And Jimmy Alapag Answer Questions About The Adoption Process In New Vlog

    The couple have an adopted son named Ian, who is seven years old.
    by Kate Borbon .
  • In a vlog on their YouTube channel, LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag answered some of the questions they were asked about how they adopted their seven-year-old son Ian. They also have two biological kids, Keona and Calen. (Read their adoption story here.)

    LJ and Jimmy started by explaining how to adopt in the Philippines. LJ recommended visiting the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, Inc. (KBF), where social workers can guide you on the process of adoption. LJ also suggested visiting Grace to be Born, the shelter where she met Ian.

    One important step for individuals who want to adopt is to obtain a license. “If you want to foster or to adopt, you have to get a foster license or a license to adopt. So, magkaiba yun,” LJ explained. “At least you can go through the matching process and all that stuff, and that’s where it all starts.”


    The next question was about how long it takes for the adoption process to be completed. Jimmy answered, “For us to get all the official adoption papers, it took about two years. But again, when it comes to the adoption process, the length of time can vary.”

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    Jimmy added that the process can be sped up by obtaining your license to adopt as soon as you can. After you do so, you’ll then be able to progress to the next stages of the adoption process.

    Aside from that, you’ll also need to go through other requirements, said LJ, including a screening, referrals, seminars, and psychological tests. These steps help ensure that the child is adopted by a family that will provide him with love, affection, and support, Jimmy explained.

    LJ clarified two misconceptions about adopting. First is that you need to be financially well-off. “No, that’s not true. I think… as long as you have to heart to adopt you can go to DSWD, they can guide you.”

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    She added, “They actually want more kids out of the shelters or the orphanages para at least naaalagaan sila at home. They can actually assist you with that as far as fostering is concerned.”

    Similarly, you don’t need to be married to adopt a child. “As long as you’re ready emotionally and you’re sure that you have that heart to adopt, you can naman,” LJ shared. “Walang discrimination na kailangan married.”

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    The next questions concerned the couple’s son Ian. When asked if Keona and Calen were aware that Ian was adopted, LJ responded, “Yes. Calen’s too young to understand, I think. But it’s never been a secret in our family, even with Ian, because ever since Ian came home, we’ve always visited Grace to be Born.”

    Ian is also aware that he is adopted. This fact is “really normal” in their household. “It’s not something na hindi napag-uusapan. So para sa kanila, they grew up [thinking] na, wala, it’s okay. Kuya came there and I came from Mama’s tummy, but there’s no difference,” LJ said.

    Jimmy also shared, “Our kids know that in our home, they’re loved. We wanna try to provide as much love for our kids as we can. Keona just turned five, so she’ll understand more of this as she gets older.” He added, “It’s great that our daughter understands that Ian’s still her kuya and she still loves her kuya. It’s something that we haven’t kept as a secret.”


    When asked if they regretted adopting after LJ found out she was pregnant, Jimmy answered, “Absolutely not. I know [that] for us and for myself, meeting Ian for the first time, he touched my heart. Even when we found out that [LJ] was pregnant, there was no change in how we felt or whether or not we were gonna go through with the entire adoption process.”

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    LJ shared, “To us, it was like a blessing na parang, ‘Okay, that’s why God made us wait, because He wanted to give us two in one year!’ But never in our mind did we think na, okay, don’t push through with it.”

    Finally, the couple said that they are “definitely still open” to adopting again, but not now.

    “I think LJ and I both feel really fortunate because despite our hectic schedules with me coaching and her running her own business, we’re able to still balance our time with work and being … involved in our kids’ lives,” said Jimmy.


    LJ also answered, “We just wanna make sure we have time for them equally. [But we’re] definitely still open.”

    Watch their vlog here:

    Planning to adopt? Click here to learn about the requirements you need to accomplish and the updated guidelines from DSWD.

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