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'You Will Always Be My Baby Boy': LJ Reyes On Bridging Generation Gap With Son Aki
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  • Time can be a bitter foe to parents. One moment your kids won't budge leaving you, and then the next, you're the one invading their space. And then there's what they call the 'generation gap,' which LJ Reyes is feeling more and more recently with his eldest child, Aki.

    The celebrity mom opened up about it in a heartfelt appreciation post she dedicated to Aki, her son with for former partner Paulo Avelino. Posting a photo of her son, who's turning 12 this year, LJ writes, "I think I was quite young when I had you, but still the generational gap exists! Can't deny that! Ako pa rin ang nanay, ikaw pa rin ang anak."

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    The celebrity mom shares how the gap has been impacting her relationship with her panganay. "There will be days when I wouldn't understand you right away and vice versa. Di ko na gets music niyo, at nacocornyhan ka sa music namin noon!"

    She adds, "ang kulit ko parang naka-repeat araw-araw sa responsibilities mo, pero makulit ka rin naman sa kakaulit ng game time and currencies mo! So quits lang tayo."
    But despite the gap and misunderstandings, LJ expresses how Aki "will always be my baby boy."


    In an earlier post, LJ also shared that Aki has already imposed the "no kisses in the public" policy with her. Awwe! Does that definitely mark an end of an era for parents, right, moms and dads?

    LJ is currently based in the U.S. with her two kids, Aki and Summer. The actress moved out of the country last year after her separation from ex-partner Paolo Contis.

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    What Is Generation Gap Between Parents And Child?

    Verywell Family defines generation gap as "commonly perceived to refer to differences between generations that cause conflict and complicate communication, creating a 'gap.'"

    Generation gap can be manifested in as simple as differences in music taste to as complicated as values and beliefs. When left unattended, the gap can widen, and cause a rift in the relationship.

    How To Bridge Parent-Child Generation Gap

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    While the generation gap is something we can't entirely patch, there are ways to prevent it from ruining your relationship with your child.

    1. Keep An Open Mind

    As much as possible, position yourself from a place of understanding instead of judgment when talking to your kids. This way, you create a safe space for your children, and it also encourages them to be more open to listening to you. Remember that the only constant thing in this world is change.

    2. Be Ready For A Compromise

    Parents and children are bound to have disagreements at some point. For parents, it's tempting and easy to impose their own beliefs on their children. But as humans, moms and dads are also fallible. It always pays to be reflective than reactive in moments of disagreement.

    3. Remember To Always Give Unconditional Love

    Love transcends all differences and conflicts. At the end of the day, love and support act as the glue in bringing people together.

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