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    Introduction by Judy Cruz-Malabanan
    from Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine, October 2007


    All over the world, marketers and advertisers are increasingly focusing their attention on young children and tweens. This is because these two market segments wield a very substantial spending power on their own and exert a strong influence on how parents spend the family's money.

    Another reason is that these market segments are expected to keep on getting bigger. In a few years, even as the tweens of today shall have grown into teens and young adults, the young children of today shall have become tweens.

    Beyond the toddler age of 2 years until they are 6, kids are often referred to as young children. Tweens, on the other hand, are kids who are no longer children but aren't quite teenagers yet. Indeed, the term "tween" comes from the word "in-betweeners", the range that encompasses the ages from 8 to 12 or, in the reckoning of some, from 9 to 12.


    Karen V. De Asis, chief brand strategist of the marketing consultancy firm MKS Consulting, identifies the tween market as one of nine customer segments "whose needs can still be met or addressed in a different way." In her book on marketing, Color Folders in the Mind: A Branding Story, she considers the tween segment as a potential target market for building strong brands.


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