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  • Meet Super Dads: Poop Handler, Mr. Burp-In-Charge, and More!

    Real moms share with us why dads are superheroes including one who never gave up on his son's life.
    by Em Somera-Chua .

  • So how do moms deal with the constant pressure to be super-mommy? We call in our super sidekicks, our husbands!

    I have my husband to thank for stepping up on child care especially now that I’m pregnant again. Carrying our daughter is especially tough on my back with my growing belly, so my husband has split our bedtime routine with me. After her dinner, bath and pre-bedtime milk, Eugene steps in to sing Martina a lullaby, carries her and puts her down in her crib, and has her asleep in two minutes -- sometimes even less! 

    More real moms like me know that dads are worthy of superhero status. Here are eight reasons why. 

    1. He has an alter-ego who is the complete opposite of his regular self. 
    “JC completely turned a new leaf when he became a husband and a dad. When with friends, colleagues, or family, he can be so serious -- he enjoys lengthy sports discussions and winning arguments on politics. But when he’s with our baby, he melts into a more relaxed, more smiley version of himself. He plays with Sophie even after a stressful two-hour commute home.” -- Bevz Sapon De Guzman

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    “He has a temper, but it’s very evident how he tries so hard to be patient for the kids. He is so seloso, too, but he still makes me feel that he trusts me so much.” -- Nicole Bernabe

    2. He has extraordinary powers. 
    “Whenever I need help, whether it's because I have an emotional breakdown, a car breakdown or just anything that needs fixing, my husband Brando is there to figure things out with me.” -- Trix Clasara

    (Below, left) “He cooks the best sinigang for our daughter and the best sinangag for our son!” -- Lynette Licardo Caparros 

    (Above, right) “Like a superhero, Inyeng has extraordinary physical and mental superpowers. Pre-babies, he could carry two week's worth of laundry up five flights of stairs. Now, with two boys, he can match the energy of a toddler even after a long day at work.” --Dianne Abu Malicdem 

    “Junie would always catch Olivia when she’s about to trip or fall. He has better reflex than me!” -- Niña Angela Tioseco Reyes

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    3. He has a high tolerance for pain (especially for poop!)

    (Above, left) “My husband Xavier is 100 percent supportive and involved in caring for our son. When Rob was a colicky newborn and would cry in the middle of the night, X would let me get some rest and would carry Rob and sing to him until he calms down and sleeps. Until now, our 11-month old loves the song Stand By Me.” -- Gin Bantigue Naguiat 

    (Above, center) “Junie has been cleaning and washing Olivia's poopy bum since day one. That's using one arm to hold her and the other to clean her up in running water. He would also do the tiger hold for her for hours until she falls asleep.” Niña Angela Tioseco-Reyes

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    (Above, right) “When Pia was a newborn she would be so hard to put to sleep. My husband Mike would take her to the nearby mall while wearing her in the baby carrier. He would walk for as long as three to four hours without sitting just so our daughter sleeps!” -- Terrie Fucananan-Yu 


    “Eric would always get up to burp the baby no matter what time it was, and he has always been on diaper duty since Isabela was born.” -- Jean Madrid

    4. He is motivated and has a sense of responsibility.
    “My husband runs a small factory in India. I was due to give birth in the Philippines at the end of the same month, a very critical time for his business. When my due date was moved earlier that month, my husband insisted on flying to Manila despite my assurance that it was okay for him to just come after my delivery. He arrived a day before I got admitted and was there throughout my 36 hours of labor. Though he had to leave the day after I got discharged from the hospital, his presence welcoming our little boy is something I treasure deeply." -- Elaine Ledesma Priya

    5. He never gives up.

    (Above) “The doctors here in Manila and Singapore were all telling us that with or without a liver transplant, the chances of our 4-month-old son surviving is 40 percent at most. My husband, Emer, found a hospital abroad willing to operate on our son, Coby, yet he continued to explore other options, staying up late to correspond with other institutions in other countries just in case we were turned down again (three hospitals here and abroad had given up on our son's case). I myself almost believed the doctors that our son would not make it to his first birthday. My superhero husband insisted that we fight for our son and push through with the operation even if all experts were discouraging us from doing so. Coby is now as healthy as ever and will be turning 4 years old this October.” -- Leah Araos 

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    6. He has crystal clear purpose.

    (Above) “Not only does he bring in most of the financial needs at home, but Brando also supports us in every way possible. When I am feeling down, he encourages me, and he prays for me. When the kids are looking bored, he takes them out even for a short ride to the grocery store. He will always put our needs first before his own, and it's really amazing.” -- Trix Clasara

    7. He always gets the job done.
    “Dokes would do ALL the laundry and dishes and other household chores at night when we didn’t have help, and I was just too tired from the day.” -- Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo


    (Above) “He is the most hands-on Papa I know! He juggles putting our baby to sleep and feeding our 3-year old with ease. Who said only mommies know how to multi-task?” --  Marion Renard 

    8. He takes one for the team.
    Being parents with full-time demanding jobs, spending quality time with our daughter is a constant challenge for Toots and me. When things are hectic at work, he makes sure that Ellie doesn’t feel my absence and is fully entertained and engaged. They’re like buddies, poking fun at each other. They always end up having a blast when they’re together. -- Tin Par Castrillo

    “On days, I need to reclaim my single, lazy bum Sundays, Dokes would keep our baby away from our bedroom so I can just stay there and catch up on my favorite series for hours." -- Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo

    “I have a mental disorder that went undiagnosed for years, which could very well have led to us breaking up. My husband – even with all the pain I inflicted upon him, fought for us, and for me. He fought for the sane and cared me – even as he was consistently being hurt by my unstable self. He cried for me. He prayed for me. He helped me get through the worst of it, and to this day, he still helps me when I get attacks. My husband is my superhero because he not only saved me, he taught me how to save myself.” -- Anonymous Momma

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