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  • Meet the Winners of Baby Company's Star Baby Contest!

    Is your baby the next Star Baby Winner? Check out these simple tips on how to increase your baby's star power!
  • The Baby Company's Star Baby winners for the first quarter of 2016 are now in the limelight for their extraordinary cuteness. Babies Sheyna Cruz, Maria Bettina David and Elijah Gabriel Gomez emerged as winners among the many faces of beautiful and handsome babies who joined the contest's first nationwide run for the year.

    Babies 18 months old and below can join for a minimum of Php 2,000 purchase of any Baby Company item inclusive of P500 purchase of Philips Avent or Huggies products at The SM Store, and a membership to Mom Card, SM Advantage or SM Prestige. Awesome prizes include P30,000 worth of Baby Company Gift Certificates, P10,000 worth of Philips Avent or Huggies items, and P10,000 worth of Baby Company items.

    Is your baby the next winner for Batches 2, 3, and 4 in this quarterly competition? Here are some tips to help increase your chances of winning!

    Luzon Winner Baby Sheyna Full Name: Sheyna Cruz Birthday: Dec 7, 2015 Store: SM Baliwag

    Always prioritize your baby's health and wellness.

    A healthy baby is a happy baby. There will be less likelihood for tantrums and unwanted hospital visits if your baby is free from viral infections and discomfort. Healthy babies exude an innocent glowing vibe that easily makes them stand out.

    Maintain your cutie's clear and vibrant skin.

    Skin quality is a standard criteria for baby models. Parents whose babies are inclined to suffer from allergies can help avoid unsightly rashes by knowing exxactly what triggers these allergies and avoiding them altogether. Harsh ingredients may also cause discomfort on your little one, so always be mindful about the products you use on your baby.

    Metro Manila Winner Baby Maria Full Name: Maria Bettina David Birthday: May 20, 2015 Store: SM Makati

    Explore your baby's photogenic potential.

    These days, free smartphone apps and built- in phone cameras have comparably decent photography capabilities. There is also some good from extra tools like tripods and multiple lenses for a DSLR. Check your baby's most flattering angles under various lighting conditions and different camera settings.

    Consistently work on your baby's portfolio.

    You never know when the next contest is around the corner. So always be ready with a stock of high quality photographs stored somewhere in your inbox for easy access. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly and it will favor those who are well-prepared.

    Vismin Winner Baby Elijah Full Name: Elijah Gabriel Gomez Birthday: May 30, 2015 Store: SM City Cebu

    Gently train your baby to understand instructions.

    Even at a very young age, babies have their distinct personalities that you can draw out during a photo shoot. Improve your communication with your child so that he or she can begin understanding cues from you and follow certain instructions. Train them also to be at ease with photographers and lighting.

    Don't forget to keep it an enjoyable and light experience.

    Practice truly makes perfect. The more contests you join, the more accustomed your baby gets to the spotlight. However, you must not let your desire for your child’s modelling prospects overshadow the enjoyment that your child should have in his or her early stage of life. Savor each moment. They are only babies once and many wistful parents often say how their chidren grow up real fast. So make every moment as light and enjoyable for you and your baby, and keep the pressure off.

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