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  • A Mom Illustrates The Invisible Work Mothers Do That Others Don't Always See

    Before you judge, remember that what you see isn't always the whole picture.
    by Lou Velle Mariano .
A Mom Illustrates The Invisible Work Mothers Do That Others Don't Always See
PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram
  • It is indescribable how a woman’s workload increases when she starts having children. A mother is the one who normally notices and tends to everything. She is the one who plans and worries about the family. The invisible work it takes to run a home and raise the kids is difficult and demanding, but most people — and sometimes even husbands — don’t always understand just how hard it is.

    Aside from raising a child, a mother’s mental load ranges from organizing family schedules, staying connected with family and friends, meal planning to even just thinking about what gift to buy for an upcoming birthday party invitation. Sometimes the work seems invisible to others, and moms are often judged because of it.

    Mothers do hundreds of small things on a daily basis.
    PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram
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    Sometimes what you see isn't the whole picture.

    For example, a mom might be on her phone while pushing her baby’s stroller, and people will be quick to judge her. What they don’t know and see are the hundred other small things she’s already done for her child. We don’t know the whole picture, so Paula Kuka, an Australian artist who is also a mother herself, decided to show what really goes on behind the scenes through her illustrations.

    On her Instagram account, @common_wild, Paula shows how mothers truly deal with the mental load of motherhood.

    The mom of two aims to portray in her artworks the emotional experience of being a mother that others are not usually aware of.

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    Moms have insecurities and sometimes they need a reminder that they are awesome.
    PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram

    Aside from that, Paula also creates illustrations that shows how universal motherhood is to each and every mom. Through these artworks, women around the world have been responding and commenting that they do not feel alone now as they are experiencing the same phases of motherhood.

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    Paula's slice of life illustration can offer some sort of comic relief, too!
    PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram
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    She also depicts heartfelt and encouraging messages in her artworks. Some of them show that a mother should not feel guilty about giving herself love and self-care.

    Moms need to be taken care of, too.
    PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram

    A year ago, Paula started a small campaign with the hashtag #jilttheguilt which focuses on eliminating the burden of guilt of a mother. She shares it anonymously in her story highlight, so that anyone who flicks through it will remind her that she is not alone.

    If there’s anything we can learn from these beautiful artworks, it’s that giving yourself a little bit of care, time and space does not mean that you love your children any less. You can and should love yourself, too. Remember: a happy mom raises a happy family!

    Remember, you are not alone!
    PHOTO BY @common_wild/Instagram

    You can follow Paula Kuka on Facebook @commonwild and at her website www.commonwild.com.au.

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