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This Mom Has a Hilarious 'Clean House' Guide
PHOTO BY Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington on Facebook
  • Who doesn't love looking at beautiful home interiors on Instagram or Pinterest? We're pretty sure every woman has kept pegs in mind for their dream home someday -- that is until they have kids. The little ones have their way of turning the house upside down, even after tidying up. Maybe that's why some moms would rather not click on decluttering and organizing the home. Sure, we welcome the cleaning and organizing hacks. But more often than not, we put a pin on it for later or for next week. The reality is it will probably be attempted next year. 

    This blogger mom from Utah, however, had the perfect response to all the "clean house" schedule guides on Pinterest. Meredith Ethington posted on her blog, Perfection Pending, and a video on her Facebook. "A Real Mom's Guide to A Clean House," and both are getting the agreeing nods from a lot of moms.

    "Because, in reality, when you have a young family, there is no such thing as a 'clean house' unless you want to sell your soul to your mop and vacuum," she wrote. 


    Meredith's tongue-and-cheek cleaning guide includes: 


    • Close the kids' bedroom doors "so you forget how messy they are" (e.g. the unmade bed or dirty underwear on the floor). 
    • Pick up all the stuff scattered on the floor and shoving them in a closet, a must-do when you're having guests over.
    • Threaten to take way your kids toys daily if they refuse to pick them up.


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    On a weekly basis, Meredith suggests looking under the cushions for lost food and using “a Clorox wipe on the bathroom counters...because toothpaste and small children don't mix." Consider washing the sheets, too. But let’s face it, you'll never really get to it, according to the mom who admittedly couldn't even stay on top of her weekly laundry.

    Her monthly cleaning tasks include crying, spending "an entire day cleaning" -- because that's how much time you need to clean up an entire house, Meredith wrote. And then, cry again when the little ones come home to eat and sleep (because of course, you can't kick them out of the house for good). "Last, repeat all of this steps daily, weekly, and monthly forever until you die," she ended her video. 

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    Meredith shares that the goal for her blog has always been "to take away the unrealistic expectations we often see on social media and help moms realize that they don’t have to be perfect at everything to be good parents," she told The Huffington Post. "So often we see the pretty side of people’s lives on social media, and often, that pretty side sets us up for feeling like we are failing because we are trying to live up to unrealistic expectations," she added. 

    "I wanted other moms to realize that they weren’t failing if they weren’t able to keep their houses looking like they were professionally cleaned in under one hour per week," she told Babble

    And it looks like she’s not alone. Based on the comments on her posts, many other moms laughed out loud and said it’s how they clean their house as well. "I'm dying laughing. EVERY one of these is true! This is the best!!!" wrote @badassmombox on Instagram. Jennifer King commented on her blog, "Oh My!!!! I thought I was the only one who sometimes considered burning the house down to get ahead. Hahahaha!" 

    We’re guessing these are not the only tips and tricks moms have up your sleeve when it comes to keeping the house clean. Send us a message on Facebook and share your tips and tricks!

    Visit Meredith’s website Perfection Pending, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

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