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Choosing The Right Milk And Other Parenting Hacks: A Guide To Raising Strong Kids

You need to encourage your children to be independent!

As kids grow up in the digital age, moms and dads are leveling up their parenting approach to make sure their children grow up to be strong and resilient. This means they’re also leveling up their choice of milk for their kids.

Parents, especially moms, have now become more discerning with the choices they make for their kids, particularly when it comes to their nutrition. After all, these changes can positively affect their children’s holistic well-being.

Here, millennial moms share how they’ve leveled up their parenting styles, and why choosing the right milk matters even more. Read on.

Nurture children’s independence

“In modern parenting, need ng bata na maging autonomous,” says Mommy Eaprille, mother to 4-year-old Amber.

Kids often express their innate desire for independence. And just like Mommy Eaprille, parents need to learn how to “let go” and allow their kids to discover new things on their own. This helps children develop self-confidence and become effective problem solvers as they grow up.

And as Amber continues to explore the world around her, Mommy Eaprille chooses Vitamilk, which contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, to partner to her child’s balanced diet and active lifestyle. Nutritious meals and drinks help support brain development and help nourish kids’ curious minds.

Let kids ‘mirror’ your actions

“Malaki yung part ko as a parent kasi ako yung direct influence ng mga anak ko sa mga activities nila,” says Mommy Mitch, mother of three. “Kung paano ko alagaan ang aking sarili sets an example for my kids. Kaya naman I try to exercise as often as possible so that my kids would be inspired to take better care of themselves, too.”

Mommy Mitch believes that kids will mirror everything their parents do, especially now that the family is all together at home, 24/7. That’s why it is important for her to always set a good example and to involve her kids in her daily tasks.

Doing simple household chores like washing the dishes can be an opportunity to catch up with your kids and exchange fun stories, making an ordinary activity memorable. You can even make moments like this extra special by partnering it with a refreshing and nutritious drink like Vitamilk — a kid and parent favorite.

Plan children’s activities — even free time

As a work-from-home mother, Mommy Eca — along with a lot of parents today — can relate to how weekdays have become busier. That’s why she plans her kids’ activities to make sure that there will always be time for play, rest, and learning.

To make sure her kids stay energized throughout the day, Mommy Eca partners her kids’ balanced diet and active lifestyle with Vitamilk, which has B-vitamins.

Giving kids an energy-boosting milk drink rich in vitamins and minerals alongside their balanced diet can help keep them supercharged for any activity. 

Trust your mommy instincts

“Nakikinig ako palagi sa kutob ko. As much as possible, I try to choose what’s best for my kids, especially when it comes to milk,” says Mommy Jeanna.

She has always believed that motherhood is a continuous learning process. You only become better as a parent after learning from the mistakes that you make along the way. This contributes to improving your sensibilities as a mom, especially when it comes to what’s best for your kids. That includes the instinct to choose the right kind of milk that would be your ideal partner to help kids grow strong from the brain to the body.

This is why Mommy Jeanna’s only choice is Vitamilk with its “Fills Good Formula.” It has protein, vitamins, and minerals; is made with natural ingredients, and has a taste that her kids have grown to love.

The bottom line

Just like these four millennial moms, you also have your own “parenting hacks” to make sure your kids are equipped to face the unpredictable world. And no matter the differences in parenting styles, one thing’s for sure, moms need to raise their standards when it comes to their kids’ ready-to-drink milk.

To help your children #GrowStrongFromBrainToBody, partner their balanced diet and active lifestyle with Vitamilk, which has the “Fills Good Formula” of Protein, Omega nutrients, and B vitamins!

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