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  • Dove's #SelfEsteemAtHome Has Got Parents Talking!

    They share the lessons they learned that will help them care for their children's well-being.
Dove's #SelfEsteemAtHome Has Got Parents Talking!
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  • Health is every parent's top priority right now. That’s why we make sure that the whole family continues to practice proper hygiene and health protocols during these extraordinary times. But as we do so, let us not forget that our family’s well-being is not just about their physical health.

    We also need to look after our children’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. And don’t forget ours as well!

    This is the message Dove wants to convey through the Dove Self Esteem Project and its recent offering, the #SelfEsteemAtHome video series with body positivist Megan Crabbe.

    Dove came up with the #SelfEsteemAtHome video series to create fun and insightful online classes to help people, especially young children, learn to care for their well-being, build confidence, and navigate social media's complicated world.

    This is especially crucial right now as everyone is spending more time in front of screens and on social media during the pandemic.

    Here we highlight some of the lessons and insights parents from the Smart Parenting Village Facebook group learned after watching Dove’s #SelfEsteemAtHome online classes.

    1. Social media detox isn’t just for adults, but for kids, too.

    Mom Isabel Pascual acknowledged the value of Megan's tip from the Dove #SelfEsteemAtHome series about encouraging the family to spend more time offline and away from their gadgets.

    “Practicing social media detox would definitely help my kid at a very young age avoid the pressure of what’s going on online,” she shared.

    “Since things are happening very fast, [being always online] will definitely affect how the kids behave,” she added thoughtfully.

    2. Parents need to be alert for any unhealthy effects of social media on their children.

    Angel Reyes, a mom to a 12-year-old girl, said that she was reminded about the importance of using social media wisely after watching the Dove #SelfEsteemAtHome series. This is because the things children see online may negatively affect their well-being.

    “[My daughter is ] always on her phone. Mahilig siya mag-games and laging nasa social media,” the mom began. “‘Di maiwasan tuloy na na-co-compare niya ang self niya sa iba — with how they look or kahit sa mga gamit na [mayroon] sila.”

    “I know na need din niya mag-gadget,” Angel shared, “but from time to time, I remind her na to take a break, especially if hindi na healthy for her.”

    3. Children need to learn that they aren’t defined by their looks or weight.

    Megan’s insights in the video series about body confidence and appreciating your body for what it is resonated with mom Kathleen Mae Alano.

    In her post, Kathleen talked about how the #SelfEsteemAtHome videos helped her understand body positivity in more detail. Thus, she has been making sure her daughter develops a positive body image.

    “My 10-year-old daughter is starting to get weight-conscious,” the mom shared. “She’s not even overweight. So I try to explain to her that being healthy is not completely defined by a person’s weight.”

    4. Open conversations with kids can help them feel supported and understood.

    For Katrina de Leon, a mom of two teenagers, making sure communication lines between parent and child are open and free of judgment is crucial. Through the #SelfEsteemAtHome series, Katrina was reminded of how big of a role parents play in children's lives.

    “I have two teenage kids, and I let them express what they feel in every situation, good or bad, simply [because] it helps boost their character and self-confidence,” she said.

    “It’s also a good way for them to open up to me. Teenagers now are very different. Most of the time they’re secretive.”

    Katrina added: “We, as parents, need to adjust and listen to them. They need to feel that they’re being understood and that they are being supported by the people around them.”

    As these moms note, we must remember that parents play an essential role in helping children grow up with a healthy sense of self. Building self-confidence, having a positive body image, and keeping a grounded relationship with social media — these all start at home.

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