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  • One thing we love about Nico Bolzico is the crazy ways he trolls his wife. He loves it so much he is willing to risk being in the "dog house" for one week! So what did he do this time?  

    Yesterday, September 10, 2020, Nico went on Instagram and posted a photo of him throwing Thylane up in the air while in the pool. Now, this is really a classic dad move — it just comes naturally to them. And Nico is no different, and the photo suggests both dad and daughter had enjoyed themselves.

    Nico even had a beautiful caption: "2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone, but on January 1st we received the biggest blessing of our entire life, a little angel fell from heaven and you can see me her here right on time."

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    It wouldn't be Nico, however, if he didn't add realness. As fun as this photoshoot was clearly for the girl dad, Nico revealed Solenn, the "#wifezilla" almost ruined the mood with her "screaming like it was the end of the world."

    As if that wasn't enough, Nico said his wife turned to her "classic phrases" while he and Thylane were shooting. As one of the editors noted, "Rinig na rinig ko si Solenn sa caption."

    If we were Solenn, we wouldn't trust Nico with our secrets LOL. Here's Nico's full caption:

    "Disclaimer: behind all these beautiful father-child pics, amazingly taken by @mickaelcardoso, there is always a #Wifezilla behind the scenes, screaming like if it was the end of the world, classic phrases like:

    “Are you completely out of your mind?”

    “Stop immediately, that is so dangerous”

    “I knew I couldn’t trust you with her for more than 10 min in the pool”

    watch now

    “Get ready to sleep in the doghouse the whole week”

    “Stop it if you don’t want my slippers in your face again”

    “We will deal with this when we get home”

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    Nico said while Solenn was also "grabbing her hair with both hands" and would sometimes point at him "like the Uncle Sam picture" (here's what that looks like).

    The doghouse threat though was on Nico's mind because he ended his caption with pieces of advice for members of the #BulliedHusbandsClub.

    "Advice: only do these kinds of pictures if you are 100% sure it is safe and the one week in the dog house is worth the memory!

    "Advice 2: always do what your wife tells you to do.

    "Advice 3: don’t ask your wife permission to take this pic, and deal with the consequences later."

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