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Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles On The Joys of Raising Boys

"I love how my heart just got bigger to love even more. I appreciate even the simplest of things more now especially if I get to share it with my sons."


Raising two rambunctious boys seems like a tough assignment but model mom Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles takes it all in stride. Mom to three-year-old Alonzo and one-year-old Luis, Nicole's days are filled with matchbox cars and stuffed toys along with lots of hugs and kisses.

"I love how my heart just got bigger to love even more. I appreciate even the simplest of things more now especially if I get to share it with my sons, like sharing a bowl of ice cream, running on the polo field, flying a kite, etc. I love that at this point in their lives, they look at me and find peace, comfort and strength," she says.


When Nicole was pregnant with Luis, she made sure to prepare Alonzo for the arrival of their bundle of joy. She says, "Every day and every night before bedtime, I would talk to him about what it meant to be an older brother. He would always ask a lot of questions about his role and we did our best to answer it all. I started involving him in little things such as preparing for the arrival of his little brother. We would shop together for baby things... I always made sure that he was always part of everything that involved his little brother."

When Alonzo finally met Luis, it was magic. Nicole recalls, "He was being carried by my husband looking and smiling at Luis, who was happily sleeping in his bassinet. It was such a beautiful moment for me I felt as if time stopped. Alonzo was very excited to meet Luis."

Today, the two are best buds. Luis tries to copy everything that Alonzo does, and Alonzo tries his best to teach Luis a few tricks of his own. At night, they snuggle in bed, and in the morning, they greet each other a good morning. Nicole says, "They are very sweet towards each other. When we are out and Alonzo is allowed to buy one toy, he always makes sure Luis has one, too."

Needless to say that Nicole is fluorishing in the company of her boys. She says, "It's true when they said boys are really the sweetest. They are so sweet and malambing. Alonzo always tells me he loves me, always gives me a kiss and hug each time I come home."

She likes reading to them and playing with them outdoors. Alonzo is her assistant when she's in the kitchen, and Luis likes to help her make coffee. Nicole adds, "I love snuggling with them at night. I miss when they were still babies and I enjoyed nursing them."

But at the back of her mind, Nicole is always thinking of whether she's doing the right thing. She says, "They are so active, playful and sometimes fearless. The challenge comes in when you are trying to tell them to stop doing a certain thing before they get hurt."

Because her boys look to her for comfort and security, Nicole is doing everything in her power to give them only the best.

"My babies are my precious little blessings. I want the best for them. I want to keep them safe but not overprotect them. There are certain things we can control in terms of what we expose are children to, one of which is the type of products we use on them. I don't want my kids to be using products that can be harmful to them due to certain ingredients found in the product."

This has led Nicole to choosing only all-natural products with absolutely zero harmful chemicals for her boys, like Belo Baby. Watch the video below to see why Nicole chooses all-natural. Find out her secrets to getting her kids to wash up after a fun day outside, too.


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