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  • In this day and age of Facebook, Ipods, PSPs, WiFi, Twitter, and Farmville, it’s not surprising that there are many tech savvy kids out there in the six and under set—much to the mixed delight and fear of parents. This is why Webkinz pets are perfect for parents who are really looking for a kid-appropriate introduction to the Internet.
    Webkinz pets are cute stuffed toy pets that have their own unique secret code which will allow the child to enter the Webkinz virtual world (webkinz.com). Here, they adopt their pet and enter a Shangri-La of child friendly Internet based activities—wherein their stuffed toy comes to “life.”

    While in the virtual Webkinz world, kids can care for their adopted virtual pet, even earn kinzcash (to buy items for their pets—this is a great way to learn about how to save and spend money wisely) and play a ton of fun and educational games like trivia, spelling, and logic games. There are also sections to encourage them how to read and write creatively. And since it is an online community of other kid webkinz pet owners, your child will also learn about responsibility—how to care for a pet and how to get along with others—even online. 

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