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  • This Pinay Is a First-Time Mom and the COO of a Mobile Phone Company

    Cherry Mobile COO Michelle Ngu-Cinco shares how she balances mommy-hood with her career.
This Pinay Is a First-Time Mom and the COO of a Mobile Phone Company
  • There are different types of people in the world, but only a mom can play different roles all at the same time. A boss of an empire? Check. A style maven? Check. Traveler? Check. Full-time mom? Check and check!

    For someone who could juggle a plethora of tasks at hand, this mom-preneur is, without a doubt, “cherryfic” in every way. From strategizing plans for her company to planning weekly meals for the family, she surely can sashay her way toward a balanced work and personal life.

    This Mother’s Day, get to know how she handles being a first-time and a hands-on mother, plans her day-to-day schedule for the company and her family, and manages to be a gadget guru.

    Growing with your child

    Michelle and her daughter love dressing up and taking selfies.

    Enjoying her journey to motherhood, Michelle Ngu-Cinco is mom to a toddler, who is beginning to grow a lot like her. Their favorite past-time involves dressing up and posing for a selfie. Even with her busy schedule as Cherry Mobile’s COO, or chief operating officer, Michelle makes sure she is at her daughter's side as she crawls her way to childhood.

    “Being a mother means getting to grow together with your child—and that’s priceless. You get to unlock parental milestones and instincts you never knew you had,” Michelle shares. “I also got the chance to experience the beauty of breastfeeding, the bittersweet joy of waking up at the wee hours of the night just to change her nappies, and the inexplicable happiness whenever she smiles,” the mom adds.

    “As [my daughter] grows, I believe I also grow more as a mother and as an individual. I get to learn things and acquire skills from being a mom that I can apply to work as well,” Michelle says.

    Being on board 24/7

    It also pays to have a loving and supportive husband who is alongside her as she relishes the joys of being a mom. Together, they devote their time caring for their daughter, all while balancing a fulfilling career.

    “Raising a child is not an easy responsibility, but it is rewarding,” Michelle explains. “You don’t get a break on being a mom; you’re onboard 24/7. But I’m thankful for my husband who is my support system.”

    Michelle says there are times when she has to take her toddler to work, which is no problem at all. It’s all about multi-tasking. While she reviews reports, she also plays with or attends to her daughter.

    During days when Michelle has to leave her toddler at home, she makes sure she monitors her child from time to time. “As a mom, your child’s welfare is your No. 1 priority. Even when I’m at work, I always make sure she’s being taken care of properly,” she says.

    “I’m thankful for the technology that allows me to monitor her even when I’m away,” Michelle explains. “We have smartphones to keep us connected to [our kids]. It keeps me at ease, knowing my child is safe. But, of course, as a working mom, I make sure I’m leaving my child to the right and trusted people,” she shares.

    Maximizing technology

    Being one of the key executives of Cherry Mobile, Michelle is tech-savvy. Knowing the right technology that can help mothers like her, she shares tips on how any parent can maximize the use of their gadgets.

    “Smartphones, for example, are becoming essential to working moms like me. This is my way to connect with [my daughter] whenever I’m in the office or away from home,” she says. “I also use my phone to document her milestones and share them to our family and friends. It pays to have a handset that gives you a lot of space to store captured moments. A smartphone like the Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Plus helps you keep up with your daily connectivity needs.”

    Michelle also emphasizes the importance of proper gadget use, especially now that children are more drawn to using gadgets.

    “While technology can make our lives easier—gadgets can entertain our children whenever we need to keep them busy so we can accomplish our chores—it is important we know how to control it rather than let it control us,” she explains. “As a mom, you should limit your child’s use of technology and let them experience the pleasures of running in your backyard, playing physical games, and learning through books. As they say, everything should be done in moderation.”

    Be more mindful of your children’s gadget use, Michelle said, especially when kids get hold of their tablets or smartphones to watch their favorite shows or play games online. It is very important for parents to closely supervise and guard the content their kids are viewing. This also helps you create a deeper relationship with your kids, getting to know their interests as they grow up.

    According to Michelle, other devices helpful to parents, especially travelers like her, are VAGO, a travel luggage compressor that can save up space, and CherryRoam, a travel pocket Wi-Fi device that allows you to stay connected anywhere in the world.

    Being a mom is a blessing, and Michelle couldn’t be more thankful. “There’s no life manual on how to be a mom, and I’m glad that we all can work our ways as parents differently,” she says. “I think that’s the beauty of motherhood. You get to discover more of what you can do as an individual and you learn from other moms, too.”

    Not all superwomen wear capes—some have a pile of documents and reports in one hand and a feeding bottle in the other. And Michelle Ngu-Cinco is one of them: a boss and a "cherryfic" mom all at once.

    To know more about Cherry Mobile, visit its official website and follow the brand on Facebook.

    About Cherry Mobile:

    Cherry Mobile is a Philippine-based company that aims to deliver products that value the Filipino lifestyle. Established in 2009, it brings a wide array of choices from feature phones to smartphones. Cherry Mobile continues to develop partnerships with trusted phone developers to further strengthen its stance in the local mobile telecommunications industry

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