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  • Playtime Safety: How to Make Sure Nothing Goes Wrong

    Blogger and TV Host Kelly Misa-Fernandez shares helpful tips on keeping your kids safe while they're having fun.
  • Like any mom, you want your kids to grow up friendly and sociable. That's why you make sure you bring them to children's parties, playgrounds, and playdates. But sometimes it can be challenging not to worry about them when they're out with other children. What if they catch the flu from other kids? What if they hurt themselves? 

    Blogger and TV Host Kelly Misa-Fernandez has these concerns about Baby Tristan's safety too whenever she lets him join a playdate. "Though playdates can be a lot of fun for my toddler and his buddies, there are some things that I worry about. Germs top my list, as Tristan can pick up a cough or cold during the playdate—or worse, the flu or something similar.

    Here are the rest of Kelly's tips on how to make sure your kids are safe during a playdate. 

    Ask important questions. 

    Don't hesitate to ask about the venue—is it safe? Is the play area free of mosquitoes? You also need to ask who's watching the kids. What safety rules do they have in the house? What are the playtime activities?

    When you know where the playdate will be, who will mind the children, what the kids will be eating, and what they'll be doing, you can prepare for it. 

    Help set ground rules.

    Talk to the playdate hosts and go over the house rules and safety measures so all of your concerns (as well as the other parents') may be addressed. Decide in advance which toys to include during playtime so everyone knows exactly what the kids will be handling. Don't forget to make sure you check for choking hazards or anything poisonous.

    Lay down rules that the host might have missed—this especially applies when the kids are going outside.


    Come prepared.

    Kelly makes sure Tristan has at least two extra sets of clothes, enough diapers, and baby wipes for any spills or messes. She also packs an extra pair of socks and his favorite pair of shoes. Kelly also makes sure she puts Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion on Tristan to keep his skin moisturized through out the day.

    Your baby bag should also have a first-aid kit, just in case something happens. Bring some antibiotic creams and bandages, along with some pain relievers. 


    Dress and prep your kid properly.

    If your child is anything like Tristan, who can't stand the heat, make sure you dress him in sandos and loose, breathable shorts. If it's a bit cooler, it's best to let your child wear breathable cotton shirts. Let him wear socks and shoes if the kids are going out to a public area. 

    You also need to make sure you prep your child well before he leaves your home for the playdate. For Kelly, she bathes Tristan using Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash and Belo Baby Bar Soap. Before she lets Tristan play, she applies Belo Baby Talc-free Powder—Tristan stays fresh and clean while he's out having fun with friends. 


    Talk to your child.

    If your child is old enough to go to a playdate on his own, go over some rules with him. Tell him not to go with anyone he doesn't know, especially at public places. Ask him not to wander off—better yet, try to get a helper or a sitter who will be able to watch over him while he's at a playdate. Don't forget to give your child or the sitter an emergency phone in case they need to contact you. 

    At the end of the day, it's all about anticipating what could go wrong and preparing yourself for the worst. Find the balance between letting your little one enjoy his childhood through interactions with other kids and protecting him from danger. Try not to be too scared to let him out of your sight. Your child also needs to learn to take care of himself. Just give him the right tools to ensure his safety and protection.

    Good thing you have Smart Mom-approved Belo Baby to help you protect your little one. Prepare him for his fun day out using the Belo Baby All-Natural line—made from certified natural ingredients, with no harmful chemicals.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Belo Baby Bath and Body Line.