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Mom Shares 6 Secrets To Potty Training Toddler In One Month: 'Sangkatutak Na Pawis At Luha'
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Riza Omalza
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    Celebrity moms Solenn Heussaff and Iya Villania have proven that you can start potty training as early as 4 months but remember that each child hits this milestone at their own pace. Potty readiness is key as well as patience — lots of it.

    Mom Riza Omalza, a member of our Smart Parenting Village, took advantage of the community quarantine to start potty training her then 21-month-old daughter, Fleur. She admits she was challenged after reading that a toddler can master it in just three days.

    “Ayun, inabot kami ng one month at sangkatutak na pawis at luha. But it’s all worth it!” the 32-year-old mom shares, adding that she doesn’t mind bringing her daughter’s potty trainer everywhere they go, “as long as she knows how to do her ‘thang’ now.”

    How to potty train a 21-month-old in one month

    After sharing her experience on our parenting community, her fellow moms started asking for tips on how she and her toddler were able to succeed. Here are her six tips to potty training a 21-month-old, shared with her permission (edited for clarity).

    1. Be patient.

    If you don’t have patience, the tendency is mapagalitan mo si baby and you will feel guilty later. Worse, pwede silang ma-trauma when it comes to using their potty.


    Potty training doesn’t happen overnight. (A big thumbs up to those who were able to train their babies in three days or less than a week!) Sometimes, they would love to use their potty, but most of the time they’ll hate it.

    2. Be consistent and make it a routine.

    You have to be consistent para hindi masayang ang pasensiya mo. You’ll always have to remind them to tell you whenever nature is calling them.

    Make a timetable na susundin mo. In my case, I let my daughter sit on the potty after waking up in the morning, every two hours thereafter, and again before bedtime. I did this until she can finally say (on her own), “Wiwi.”

    3. Be alert.

    Kapag hindi naihi si baby during the time na pinaupo mo sa potty, ok lang. No need to worry or panic kasi dito na papasok ang pagiging observant mo. If you see your baby running in circles, crossing legs, holding their butt or genitals, that means they want to pee or poo. Be alert and ready their potty any time.

    4. Ready your tricks and techniques.

    Kapag talagang tigasin si baby at ayaw maupo sa potty, kailangan aliwin ninyo si baby para hindi siya matakot sa potty. Sing a song for them, let them watch Cocomelon’s potty song, teach them breathing techniques while pooping (so they don’t strain when they poop), and give them rewards, or praise them for using the potty.

    In my case, I hug and massage her back when she poops (she used to be constipated, which is why she is afraid of pooping). I comfort her and let her know that I won’t leave her side until the poop is gone. She is now 2 years old and we still do this until now.

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    5. Have a support system.

    Most moms want to train their babies as early as possible not because makakatipid tayo sa diaper but simply because it is satisfying and rewarding seeing our child reach another milestone at an early age. This is something that other family members do not understand.

    Importante na ‘yung mga kasama natin sa bahay, aware sa gusto mong mangyari and they will agree to support you. Kasi kahit anong patience, consistency, alertness, and tricks ang gagawin mo, kapag hindi rin nila ginawa habang sila ang nagbabantay kay baby, masasayang lahat ng effort mo.

    6. Have fun!

    Enjoy this moment with your baby. Do not pressure yourself too much (an advice that I admit I really didn’t follow but now realize is important). No need to rush. Isipin natin na minsan lang sila maging bata.

    Minsan maiihi or mag-poop sila sa underwear, sa floor, sa bed, or sa inyo. Ok lang ‘yun at huwag magagalit. Ibang adults nga naiihi sa kama, babies pa kaya?

    Just don’t give up easily. Magugulat ka na lang one day, potty trained na si baby.

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