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17 Quick Yet Real-Life Advice on How to Be a Better Parent

  • With experience comes wisdom. Hence, often times, the best parenting advice comes from parents themselves. We asked you to share with us your most striking learnings about parenthood and you came up with small but powerful tips that will be invaluable to parents-to-be. Here's to the path of becoming a better parent!

    On individuality
    “You can’t raise all your children the same way. Each child is unique.” —Jinky Abad, mom to Macky, Mico, Bo, Kai and Ikoy

    On selfless love
    “You have to sacrifice some things you used to do to give way to your child’s happiness.” —Leslie Ann F. Tripoli, mom to Larishka Freya

    On making memories 
    “Take more videos, and print your photos! Children are only young once.” —Marejen Khris Abriola-Sanchez, mom to Maryanna Rhys 

    On self control
    “As parents, we should have an infinite reserve of patience.” —Louiela Bajala Lambertom, mom to Ramla Christianne 

    On priorities
    “You can’t be selfish! Your kids always come first.” —Maria Jocelyn Bagano, mom to Mary Celsa

    On the things we tell our kids
    “Never ever break a promise. Otherwise, you might not earn their respect.” —Janize Tamayo Niyo, mom to Carl Dominic

    On the things we give
    “It is not how much we give them that counts, but how much love we put into giving.” —Rachel Guinto, mom to Zac Tyler

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    On trust
    “Even at the age of 2, a child can learn from his mistakes. Do not under estimate what a two-year-old can think and do.” —Grace Atienza, mom to Lee

    On letting our love show
    “Parents should tell their kids how much they love them all the time.” —Weng Jumaoas, mom to Christian David

    On me-time

    “Parents need to take care of themselves first. It’s not being selfish. It’s just making sure that we can be there for our kids in the long run.” —Tyna Quimpo, mom to Alyssa and Andre

    On bonding moments
    “Cuddling and playing with your child makes him happier and smarter.” —Grace Glipo, mom to Ichi and Baby A

    On letting go
    “A parent should not be overprotective. Let your children make mistakes so they will learn life’s lessons.” —Rachel Manarpaac, mom to Chelsea, and Chloe

    On respect 
    “Children should be respected, too, and setting a good example is the best way to teach them respect.” —Brandy Morales, mom to Zimri

    On role modeling
    “Children learn more from what a parent does than from what a parent tells them they must do.” —Fay Gloria, mom to Alan

    On paying attention
    “You are there not only to teach, but also to listen.” —Jean De Leon, mom to Josh and Jada

    On growing
    “Being a parent is not all about preaching but being focused on how you can be a better person for your own child.” —Keih Liwanag, mom to AK

    On being present
    “Kids grow up so fast so let them enjoy their childhood and spend as much time with them as you can.” —Marquesa Cybil Calderon, mom to Elijah Duvan

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