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  • Raising a Successful Kid: Should You Focus More on EQ or IQ?

    The survey focusing on Filipino moms reveal these traits are important for your child’s future success.
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Raising a Successful Kid: Should You Focus More on EQ or IQ?
  • What should you really focus on when it comes to raising your kids? Should you make sure they're smart or emotionally strong?

    To help your kids maximize their potential and make sure they grow up to be successful adults, you need to have a healthy definition of success first. Studies show Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is not the only thing your kids need—Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is as important.

    A recent first-ever survey commissioned by Mead Johnson Nutrition and conducted by independent research agency Lightspeed also showed that a lot of millennial moms think differently now when it comes to their child's IQ and EQ.

    When it comes to raising your kids, do you pay more attention to EQ or IQ? Do you think like the majority of Filipino moms? Take the quiz and find out!

    When it comes to making sure your child grows up to be successful, it's important to pay close attention to his potential. What is he good at? What does love doing? When you understand your child's abilities, you would be able to see where he needs help the most.

    Apart from making sure he grows up in an environment that encourages his potentials, you can also help him through proper nourishment. Give him Enfagrow A+ Four with Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM). MFGM is the milk fat's coating, which is rich in life-enhancing components. It works with DHA to give the IQ + EQ Advantage.

    MFGM is now found in a children's milk formula: only in Enfagrow A+ Four. When it comes to preparing for your child's future, you know you can start preparing him today.

    Raising a successful child includes several components—it's all in the way you celebrate your child's abilities and how you nourish his body with the proper nutrition.

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