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  • Real Moms Share How A Family Car Became Essential In A Pandemic

    “We use it for almost everything—errands, visits, and going to and from work.”
Real Moms Share How A Family Car Became Essential In A Pandemic
  • Before the pandemic, we could go where we needed to when we needed to. Now, the mere act of going to work or school, heading to the grocery, running errands, or even visiting families and friends come with hazards. Like most moms, both *Nicky and *Alice felt the impact of the pandemic on their mobility.

    As firefighters, Nicky and her husband used to commute to work every day. When the pandemic began, they had to switch to a safer alternative to go to work and come home to spend time with their four kids.

    For full-time mom Alice, the new normal meant thinking twice about their usual family activities such as weekend outings, Sunday mass, and regular visits to her extended family, all for the sake of her three-year-old daughter.

    That said, these moms cannot emphasize enough the role their respective Toyota Innova vehicles play in safely driving their loved ones to where they needed to be. Below, the story of how their respective family cars helped them transition to the new normal.

    “We use it for almost everything—errands, visits, and going to and from work.”

    As a working mom, Nicky is always on-the-go and needs a multi-purpose vehicle that can support her different roles. “It's so hard because [my husband and I] are both front liners. But we also make sure to find time to be with the kids and spend precious time with them.”

    Having her Innova not only lets her safely accomplish her duties as a mom and a firefighter, it also lets her bring her family on trips out of town. The Innova's engine can be optimized to the driver's liking as it offers driving modes—power and eco for long drives and for carrying a load, whether it be bags, equipment, or a family of six.

    Nicky shared that their car has been versatile when they travel around the city or off-road.

    “It gives us the space we need when we go out of town.”

    With a large family that loves to travel, Nicky finds that the Innova gives her enough room for her family and their belongings, making the Innova practical and family-friendly.

    With the lockdown restrictions on younger kids, Alice travels with her daughter a little differently. Her bonding time with her little one includes “driving around Tomas Morato or Timog so she can still see what it's like outside.”

    “Personally, space is a priority for me,” said Alice. “I want my child to freely move inside the car while it's not yet safe for her to go outside. At the same time, I need enough room for her bags and for the other passengers to sit comfortably.”

    Having extra room has also been useful when they help family and close friends move around.

    “Our car helps us make the most out of our fuel consumption, especially now that the price of diesel is pretty high.”

    While Alice stays at home, her husband drives around all day to deliver goods, which is the family’s bread and butter. “He drives there full-time and we use what he earns to provide for our daily needs while I'm still full-time with our child.”

    Like all diesel-run vehicles, the family’s Innova is fuel-efficient. This helps them get more mileage out of their car and get more things done without running up on costs for gas.

    For Alice’s husband, this also helps him spend more time on the road and get more deliveries done because he doesn’t have to stop often to fill up the tank.

    “It can take you to places without you having to worry about your family because of its safety features.”

    Safety is important when driving with young passengers. Young kids, especially, can be a handful. As a mom of a three-year-old, Alice agrees.

    “Child locks in our Toyota Innova gives me peace of mind since my daughter always wants to stay in the backseat.”

    “Having a spacious trunk space has helped a lot because [we] can put anything within the weight limit.”

    Both Nicky and Alice take advantage of the Innova’s roomy trunk, whether it's to store groceries, luggage, or even deliveries in Alice’s case.

    The extra space also gives room for Alice and her husband’s extended family to use when they help them out with their errands, like when they take Alice’s mother-in-law to the market to buy supplies for her store.

    Family cars have become so useful in the new normal, which is why practical and safety features such as foldable table trays, rearview cameras, airbags, car sensors, and spacious interiors are important when considering a vehicle. The Toyota Innova has all these, making it an ideal choice for a family car.

    Take it from these moms. As Alice puts it, “A family car should be economical, practical, and comfortable.” She adds, “It should be simple to use and safe above all.”

    View the new Toyota Innova’s interior and exterior in 360-degree views, calculate payments, book for a test drive, check quotations, and submit inquiries direct to any preferred dealer via www.toyota.com.ph/innova.

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