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  • Real Moms Speak: 'If I Knew Then What I Know Now'

    If you could turn back time, what would you tell your new-mom self?
  • Mom, it's okay not to be perfect. After all, motherhood is a process of trial and error, and every mistake is a chance to learn and improve.

    You're also in good company. Meet three moms who open up about what they've learned and would have liked to know when they were still first-time moms. They share some rookie mistakes they've made, unsolicited advice they've received, and the parenting lessons they've learned. Watch this video: 

    What if you could go back to the time when you were still a new mom? What advice would you give yourself?

    Remember this: It's okay not to be a perfect mother, but there are things where you should make no mistake, especially your child's health. For children's pain and fever, make no mistake with Paracetamol Calpol®.

    It's your turn, Mom. Share your own story on Parent Chat.

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