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  • Real Moms Speak: "Parenting No-nos I Used to Make"

    Can you relate, Mom?
  • They say that parenting doesn't come with a manual. Even if there's a wealth of books, websites, and articles that can help you raise your child well, sometimes committing a few parenting no-nos can't be helped.

    Just ask these real moms. They have their kids' best interests at heart, but because being a mom isn't a walk in the park, sometimes it's easy, for example, to just use the TV as a yaya.

    Watch this video to listen to other parenting no-nos and, more importantly, what these moms have realized and their advice for parents like you.

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    Got your own parenting no-nos you'd like to share? It's now your turn, Mom. Share your own stories and advice on Parent Chat.

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