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Solenn And Nico Take Tili To Disneyland To Celebrate Becoming A Big Sis–‘Last Trip As A Family Of 3’
  • The Bolzicos just wrapped up a four-day trip to Japan together with the Heussaffs. Solenn posted on her Instagram that it was their family’s way to celebrate Thylane’s upcoming big sister status.

    “4 amazing days spent in Japan to celebrate Thylane becoming a big sister soon and for some ‘quiet’ time if there is still such a thing,” she captioned an Instagram reel showing a montage of videos from their trip.

    Nico on the other hand posted Solenn’s reel on his Instagram story with similar feels: “Last trip as a family of 3”. Solenn ended her caption by sharing “Lots of love and living in the moment.”

    They were joined by their siblings, Erwan Heussaff, Anne Curtis, and their daughter Dahlia.

    The Bolzico parents are giving us all the feels for that in-between period when things are just about to change. A new baby is definitely an exciting new season and it’s okay to miss how things will look once the change occurs. A sense of nostalgia doesn’t negate the anticipation.


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    Child Mind Institute provides a guide to how parents can prepare older siblings for a new baby, depending on their age.

    Here are their tips:

    How to prepare kids for a new baby depending on the age

    1-2 years old

    • Young kids might not fully understand what a new baby means before baby comes home, “but you should still talk about the new baby with excitement.”
    • Just like Solenn and Nico, “do something special for your older child when the baby arrives,” advises Child Mind Institue in the same article written by Juliann Garey. You can also get them a gift.
    • Read books about a new baby. This teaches them to be familiar with words “brother”, “sister”, or “new baby”.

    2-4 years old

    • “At this age, kids tend to be territorial when it comes to their parents and may not love the idea of sharing your attention. They may also be more sensitive to change in the family than you might imagine this child to be,” writes Garey. 
    • An expert advises to explain this period as the family growing. “I think that for a 2- to 4-year-old, the easiest way to talk about it would be to say that the family is going to grow,” says Dr. Kristin Carothers, PhD, a clinical psychologist.
    • Use tools like a show or a book to your advantage. Explain a new baby through the media your child is already consuming.Buy a special doll that your soon-to-be eldest child can use to practice “holding the baby”.
    Recommended Videos

    4-6 years old

    • Highlight the fun things you can do with babies, like playing with them. But remind them that babies still need a lot of mom and dad’s help. 
    • Here’s a sample script, “It may seem like the baby gets to be with mom and dad more, but mom and dad loves everybody the same,” says Child Mind Institute.

    Big kids or school-aged kids

    • Explain what’s going to happen using language they can understand.Enlist your older child’s help in getting things ready for the new baby. 
    • No matter how big or small, let them know how much you appreciate their help.
    • Sample script: “You’re being a great kuya or ate already!”

    Don’t worry about regression

    Try to remember that regression in children is normal, especially during this transition phase. Some examples include experiencing accidents with your toilet-trained child or wanting to use the bottle. 
    Dr. Carothers says

    “It’s totally normal for children to engage in regressive behaviors when a new baby arrives. It’s children’s way of making sure their parents are aware that they still need them and it helps them to get the attention they crave.”


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