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‘This Is A No Touching Zone!’ Solenn and Nico’s Hilarious Reel On Sex After Kids Is So Relatable
  • Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico have made us laugh again, and this time we’re laughing at ourselves too.

    The celebrity couple, who share a daughter together, posted an Instagram reel depicting “How it is in bed after having kids” with a popular sound bite that was lifted from Night at The Museum 2 movie

    It begins with Solenn and Nico sleeping in bed and Nico touches his wife, which causes her to wake up and say: “If you touch that again, I shall kill you right now. Do not touch this, this is a no-touching zone!”

    Nico “replies” with a few words and then places his hand on her arm which causes Solenn to get “angry”. 


    She “continues” her tirade, “Oh my God! I can’t believe you even reached across like that again! I can’t even believe it! Don’t cross this line with your hand.” 


    Sounds familiar?

    The Instagram reel was met with many comments from other new parents who are also celebs.

    Joyce Pring, a host and mom of one, tagged her husband Juancho Triviño and said “see it’s not just us”.


    Isabelle Daza teases her friends and plugs a personal lubricant she and her sister Ava Daza Zanirato created with her reply, “ITS JELLYTIME”.

    Anne Curtis also replies with three emojis (laughing, thumbs up, and clapping). One can only guess whether or not she and her husband Erwan can relate too.

    ‘The accuracy!’

    Many moms tagged their husbands and partners in the comments section and laughed along with the celebs. It’s admittedly fun to see that we regular folk are not alone in this struggle. 

    Just like everything in parenting, celebrity status has no bearing in navigating the world of parenthood. Whether you’ve got 8.3 million followers on social media or 80 doesn’t matter. When the baby comes, sex easily takes a backseat in the relationship.

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    Why moms might refuse sex

    There are many reasons why new moms especially would rather sleep than enjoy sex, here are popular sentiments:

    • New moms are exhausted from the constant demands of a new baby. 
    • New moms go through major physical changes since getting pregnant and delivering baby
    • New moms who breastfeed are expending lots of energy
    • New moms go through major horomonal changes

    Jared Osborne writes in BellyBelly that most moms feel overwhelmed, drained, exhausted due to the responsibility of an entirely new life depending on her. “So if you’re wanting sex from her, it can just feel like another demand on her already stretched energy resources,” he says. 

    “Compared to nurtutring your baby, sex probably isn’t high on the priority list.”

    New dads can play an important role in helping their partners ease back in to their sex life. “You need to create space for her sexuality to open again.

    Osborne paints a picture: Think of your partner’s sexuality as a young flowering bush that’s just emerged. Flowers that are just blooming must be tended to and cared for, not picked or poked. 

    Taking care of a new flower means watering it (not that kind just yet!), providing it shelter, and feeding it. “And just like a flowering bush, it will likely have the occasional early bloom to savor while you keep tending to it.”

    Three simple ways partners can support new moms 

    1. Ensure she has time to connect to herself.

    Doing housework without the baby doesn’t count. Many moms jump from one task to the next, hardly having time for themselves. 


    Me time’ almost instantly goes away when women become mothers. Connecting with themselves helps moms to be in a position where they welcome and want to genuinely connect with their partners.

    We suggest:

    • Taking the baby or kids for a few minutes or hours so mom can have time to herself. (Clearly instruct her not to do any chores and don’t expect her to.)
    • Encourage her to spend a few hours with her favorite girl friends.

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    2. Help awaken her sensuality again.

    Osborne’s practical tips include:

    • Regular gentle massages without expecting sex in return
    • Telling her you love her at least every day
    • “Put your sex drive aside and get cuddly, just let her feel safe in your arms”
    • Expressing your love through her love language such as surprising her with her favorite food, taking care of a household chore that is usually assigned to her, etc.

    3. Schedule regular dates.

    We know, you’ve heard this a lot but before you skip to the next point right away let us qualify what “dates” can mean after kids.

    • Try home dates, those pockets of time when the kids or are in bed or the baby just fell asleep can be primetime for connecting with each other. It can just be as quick as 30 minutes if that’s all you can get, it’s the quality of time spent that makes the difference. Osborne reminds that for this one, it “isn’t going to happen if she comes out from putting the baby to bed and there’s a huge pile of dishes!”
    • Forget your expectations of date night—whatever you have is what will work. And remember the reality that it can be interrupted any time. Embrace it.
    • If you are able, find adults you trust who can take care of your child even for a few hours. It doesn’t have to be dinner and a movie. If coffee is all the time you can afford away from your child, so be it.

    Remember the picture Osborne gives: a flowering bush that has just begun. It will continue to grow when you take care of it tenderly. 

    The key is to allow her time to connect with herself so she can connect with you.

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