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  • Solo Parenting: How 5 Inspiring Moms Do It

    These inspiring single moms share their own solo parenting tips.
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  • Angel Jacob

    Angel Jacob
    Host of Philippine Realty TV, MedTalk, Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen
    Single mom for 16 years*

    It took only four years for Angel Jacob to realize that things weren’t working out in her marriage. At the time, she was a 20-something with a three-year old daughter, but that didn’t deter her from taking a giant step and becoming a single mom. Angel explains, “When I feel it’s right, I’ll do it. When I feel it’s not working, I’ll do something about it right away.”

    Sixteen years later, Angel is not only one of the most successful television hosts in the country, she also has a smart and loving daughter and a great friendship with her ex-husband, who now has another family.

    “I like what has happened. I accept and take full responsibility for everything. In a way, it’s a blessing,” Angel says. Life wasn’t exactly easy. Of the many challenges she encountered as a single mom, talking to her daughter about their family setup proved to be the most difficult.

    She says, “At that time, being a single mom wasn’t common. My daughter had classmates with [the same family setup], but my family, we’re intact. I had to be honest. If I hid the information, she’d get it from someone else, and I didn’t want that. It may be painful and hard for her to digest, but I tried my best.”

    Fortunately, her family was always there for her—and she drew strength from the love of her parents and brothers. She recalls, “The support was amazing... It made me say to myself, ‘I can do it! I may be a single mom, I may have a child to take care of, I may have a career to take care of, I may have myself to take care of, but I can do it!’”

    Over time, her relationship with the father of her child improved. In the first few years of their separation, Angel reveals that she hardly spoke to him; the mere mention of his name was enough to send shivers down her spine. The two, however, eventually forgave each other. Angel explains, “You have to forgive yourself, which is easier said than done. Forgive your partner. It’s a battle, but after a while, it becomes easier. Your child is enough reason to move forward because how can your child be happy, healthy, strong, and positive if you’re not?”

    Looking back, Angel says that there is not one thing that she regrets in her life. “I enjoy how my life has turned out. As you get older and wiser, you become more comfortable with yourself and with how things are around you,” she says. Indeed, so happy is she with her life right now that she is not discounting the idea of getting married again someday. She ends, “It would be nice to have a whole family, but if you can’t have it, you have little fractions of families that are around you, and that’s great.”


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