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  • Take A Break, Mom! These 24/7 Services Can Help You Out

    Because your job is one of the toughest in the world and you deserve all the help you can get. Check these out!
  • No job is easy and absolutely stress-free, but perhaps there's nothing more challenging (and demanding) than being a mom. It's a 24-hour job that requires a lot of patience, strength, and presence of mind. How you're able to manage is nothing short of incredible.

    Although it may seem like you can do it on your own, you also have to admit that sometimes it can get a little bit too overwhelming. It doesn't matter whether you're a career mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a single mom—the challenges of being a mother can sometimes take a toll on you.

    So if you're starting to notice that you no longer have time for yourself, you no longer get to do the things you like, or you haven't had enough rest for a while, better ask for help! We've made a list of the 24/7 services that might help you out.

    Let laundromats do your washing for you

    Don't spend your entire weekend washing dirty clothes and linens. Scout for 24-hour laundry shops that will pick up and deliver your laundry for you. You can also have them iron your clothes so you don't have to do it yourself.

    This way, you can have a relaxing day with the kids without having to worry about running out of clean clothes.

    Shop for groceries online

    Everything you need at the grocery, you can find at online stores now. Save yourself the trouble of driving (or commuting), and have your pantry and fridge essentials delivered to your home instead—right when you need it.

    Doing your groceries online can also help you make sure you keep your budget in check and you get everything you need, instead of frantically grabbing items because you don't have much time to think about your purchases.

    Pay your utility bills online

    Bayad Centers are convenient, but online bills payment is much more hassle-free. Imagine not having to fall in line for an hour, you get precious time back to attend to other matters.

    It's also safer to do your finances online because you don't have to carry your cash with you. But always make sure you keep your passwords safe and you change it as often as you can. Paying online is also much faster, with your payments reflecting on your account, the same day you made a payment.

    Pamper yourself through home spa services

    Get your nails done or enjoy a quick (but relaxing) foot massage at 24-hour spas. These little gems also take into consideration the amount of time you have, which means they have packages that take only up to 30 minutes.

    Feeling too lazy to leave the house? Opt for home spa services instead. Just pick up the phone and give them a call, and you're all set for a relaxing afternoon at home! Finally, some R&R without feeling guilty about it!

    Get medicine at online drug stores

    Just order what you need online and have your husband or the helper pick it up from the drug store. You don't even have to leave home! This is great whenever you're feeling sick or when you need to get other things done in the house.

    Since it already pre-ordered, you don't have to worry about getting the wrong medicine for yourself or your kids. You get exactly what you need, right when you need it. 

    Know more about your child’s milk through 24/7 consumer helplines

    You never run out of questions about your kid’s health and wellbeing—if they finished their snacks, if they get enough sleep, or if they are eating healthy at school. Indeed, the questions are endless. So skip the worrying and get in touch with consumer helplines that are always ready to assist you like Wyeth Nutrition Careline 24/7. It is the first 24/7 consumer and nutrition information services accessible through phone, web and chat. Talk to Careline 24/7 specialists now to know more about your child’s milk and the nutrition it gives anytime, anywhere.

    You can reach them at 81-WYETH in Metro Manila or 1-800-10-884-222 in the provinces. You can also email them at WPI.Careline@wyethnutrition.com or visit their website and Facebook page. Now, questions about your child’s milk are a few less questions to worry about.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Wyeth Nutrition Philippines.