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  • Couples with kids often use Valentine's Day as an "excuse" to go on a date or do anything to affirm their love for their partner. This year, Team Kramer used this year's cupid day to appreciate the family.

    It's Doug, Chesca, and the kids 'first Valentine's Day in their new massive "forever home" in Antipolo City, in Rizal. Instead of braving the traffic, they made it a family date to remember. "We don't have to leave the house and book a date, we can just celebrate love together," Doug said in a video they shared on Team Kramer's Facebook page.

    The first order of cupid's day? The dad of three surprised everyone — not only the girls in his life but also his son Gavin — with flowers to kick off the celebrations.

    Doug was also in charge of lunch, He cooked beef salpicao, his specialty and the kids' favorite. He had a little help from daughters Kendra and Scarlett. The two not-so-little girls then set up the table for lunch, propping the flowers they received from their dad on the dining table in the lanai area near the pool, with a view of the Ortigas horizon.

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    A Valentine's activity all families can start doing every year

    To make Team Kramer's Valentine's more meaningful, the kids prepared an activity. It's simple and easy enough. Plus, it's a great way to make every family member feel appreciated and loved. 

    "A few days before Valentine's, every day Gavin, me, and Scarlett, we all write about the things we love about you, and we put it in the envelope," Kendra said.  "I'm so excited kasi we want to show how much we love them because they're so nice, and they're the best parents ever," Scarlett added. Awww.


    "Dear Daddy, I love your hardworking-ness." "Mommy, I love that you read with me." "Dear Daddy, I love that you never give up. From Scarlett."  Dear Daddy, " I love that you're really funny." These are just a few of the words or appreciation the couple received from their children. 

    To return the gesture, Doug and Chesca also told each of their children what they love about them. "I am so thankful and so appreciative that all of my children are sweet and loving," Chesca replied. 

    Doug said to Kendra, "I really like how to take the lead on doing devotions with them and being a good example to them." Chesca appreciates how nice and obedient Kendra is growing up to be.

    "Kendra, you are talented. You can do everything and anything. You're smart. You don't have to put much effort into things, but when you do, it's spectacular." Chesca said.  "I love how this little girl can do really well in Algebra and still loves playing with barbies," the mom of three said. 

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    To Scarlett, Doug said, "You're very hardworking, and whatever you do, you do it with a lot of heart. It's very, very meaningful," he said, adding that her second daughter is very much like him that they both like to serve. 

    "I love how you love animals and how gentle you are with them. You are not only sweet to your mama, your papa, and your brother and sister, but you're also sweet to our helpers. You tell them that you love them. When they're sick, you check on them," Chesca added.


    "Gavin loves to give affirmation like no other. He will always appreciate you so much," Doug said of his youngest child. "No matter how our homeschool session ends, whether on a happy note or you crying, you always come up to me and hug me and tell me, "Thank you, mama, for teaching me," Chesca shared.

    The mom of three added that she loves how affectionate his son is, even in front of a lot of people. "Most of all, Gavin, I love your confidence. It doesn't matter if you're the only one doing it, just as long as you're happy and enjoying it. Just like ballet," Chesca added.

    Life is moving so fast nowadays, and it's easy to just stare at screens all day. If you don't say it often enough, here's your chance to tell your family you love and appreciate them.

    Watch Team Kramer's Valentine's video below:


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