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  • Kids Confide in This Pediatrician: 'No One Loves Me Like Mommy Does'

    Don't underestimate your child's understanding of the world. Listen and hear what they have to say.
    by Rachel Perez .
Kids Confide in This Pediatrician: 'No One Loves Me Like Mommy Does'
  • We know what our kids need, but we don't often know what they want. We think it's the latest toy or gadget, especially when we see the joy in their faces when they receive it. But the fact that YOU thought about giving it to him, making sure that he has this gift on his birthday or Christmas, has the biggest impact.

    That's what Dr. Alastair McAlpine, a pediatrician from Cape Town, South Africa now based in British Columbia Children's Hospital, discovered. The doctor, who specializes in pediatric infectious diseases as well as palliative care for kids who suffer from chronic and fatal illnesses, wanted to know what kids wanted to do more in their life had they been given more time to live. 

    "Kids can be so wise, you know," he shared via Twitter.

    The doctor asked his patients two things: what they had enjoyed in life and what gave their life meaning. 


    Pets make people happy

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    'I love Rufus, his funny bark makes me laugh,'" Dr. McAlpine shared one of the kids' responses.

    Apart from their furry little friends, "many [kids] mentioned their parents, often expressing worry or concern" he added. "Hope mum will be ok. She seems sad," and "God will take care of my mum and dad when I'm gone," perfectly describes their love for their moms and ads.

    Kids love stories and ice cream!

    All of them loved books or being told stories especially if the storyteller is a parent.

    Why they enjoyed ice cream is self-explanatory. Some of the activities the kids loved like swimming did not involve watching TV or being on social media.

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    Kids want parents to worry less about stuff that didn't matter

    Many wished they spent less time worring about what others thought of them. They valued people who treated them "normally."

    They treasured people who did not mind their surgery scars or their hair fall. They wished people didn't make a big deal about their changing physical appearance. 

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    Kids want everyone to be kind and to laugh more!

    The kids valued kindness above all virtues.

    Dr. McAlpine explained that laughter almost often relieve the physical pain these kids receive.

    Kids want to spend more time with family

    The kids valued time with their family — and nothing was more important.  

    "Mum and dad are the best! or "My sister always hugs me tight!" and "No one loves me like mummy loves me," are what some of the kids said. 

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    Dr. McAlpine summarized it all for everybody to understand. "Be kind. Read more books. Spend time with your family. Crack jokes. Go to the beach. Hug your dog. Tell that special person you love them," he wrote. "These are the things these kids wished they could've done more. The rest is details." Dr. McAlpine added. And of course, ice cream!

    Sure, they love their toys and gadgets, maybe even have one special toy they will never let go. But at the end of the day, family, laughter, and kindness are what they will keep with them as they grow old. 

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