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This Dad Allows His Kids To Draw On White Walls. Here's Why
  • A dad shared on Facebook a photo of his two kids, all smiles. Behind them was a white wall, which has been filled up with their scribbles and drawings. 


    "Yes, they are allowed to draw on white walls sa bahay, para malaman ko kung ano ang nasa isip nila. [A]nyway, napapalitan naman yung paint sa wall pero mas importante ang psychological awareness ng mga bata," the dad wrote in the caption.

    Tating Dumanig, a tattoo artist from Koronadal City, South Cotabato didn't thought that his photo would go viral. His original post, shared on March 10, has now over 24K reactions and 10K shares.

    "Allowed sila with limitations. Only on white walls sa bahay, wag yung mga mural paintings ko sa wall, at wag sa walls ng ibang tao." 

    "Just a random post lang sana to show our wall sa room na punong puno ng drawings nila. [Hindi] ko in-expect na mag-viral," Tating told Smart Parenting. He said he has been allowing his kids Chaz,10; Cataleya, 7; and Cairo, 4 to draw on their white walls ever since they learned to use writing materials.


    In the comment section, netizens who are parents could relate to Tating.  Some even shared the doodles of their kids, and agree that letting them have the freedom to draw enables them to express what's on their minds.

    However, some disapprove of Tating's move, saying, he is enabling them to learn vandalism at a young age.

    Is he encouraging vandalism?

    Tating maintains, "Big no! Paano naging vandalism yung allowed sila? Allowed sila with limitations. Only on white walls sa bahay, wag yung mga mural paintings ko sa wall, at wag sa walls ng ibang tao." 

    He added, "Same lang kasi yan sa pag-disiplina sa teenager. Papayagan mo silang mag-inuman basta sa bahay lang wag sa labas. At least nakikita mo sila. Kasi pag di mo yan papayagan, gagawa ng paraan yan para maka-experience ng mga ganyan."


    On the wall, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that there were drawings of a person with horns and also a scribble of the word "RIP."

    watch now

    "Sa akin kasi, one way ko yun para makita ko kung anong nasa isip ng mga anak ko."

    Tating explained, " Bahay daw po ng zombie. Iba naman kasi interpretation ng mga bata kaysa sa matatanda, kaya need niyo talaga ipa-explain sa kanila para malaman niyo if may malalim na pinaghuhugutan or mababaw lang."

    Although Tating means well in letting his child express themselves through drawing, he told Smart Parenting that he is not telling parents to do the same as it may be shocking for some of them. 

    "Kung anong approach ang mas effective para sa kanila, yun gawin nila. Sa akin kasi, one way ko yun para makita ko kung anong nasa isip ng mga anak ko. If may mga violence akong makita sa mga drawings nila, at least makakausap ko sila at macorrect ko if may mga mali. Part of their childhood kasi yan. Kahit ako dati ginagawa ko yan," he said.


    When asked what was the most unusual thing he saw that his kids drew, Tating revealed, "About sa Covid... Nakakaiyak that time na affected talaga sila sa pandemic. Yun ang parang ayaw ko talaga burahin at yung mga about family."


    Tating tells his kids, "As their dad, patuloy lang sila sa gusto nila as long as wala silang inaapakan na ibang tao, nasa likod nila ako palagi."

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    Kids writing on walls is normal

    Meanwhile, in an article by Parent Circle, Dr. Shweta Sharma, a psychologist and counselor, reassures parents, "Scribbling is a sign of good development. Thoughtless and impulsive behavior is natural for a young child. Scribbling on walls is absolutely normal behavior."

    "When children get random thoughts or imagination, they like to put it down on large empty surfaces. This is a healthy activity for child development and we psychologists include this in art therapy."

    Dr. Sharma adds, "Keep an eye on what your child is drawing. If they are using black colors way too much or scribbling in a rigorous way or digging holes in sheets or walls, it might be a sign of anxiety."

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    How to talk to your kids about writing on walls

    In a previous interview with Smart Parenting celebrity editor-at-large Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, the mom of two shared how she's dealing when her sons Philip and Manu like to draw on their walls at home. 

    While she also has allocated walls in their home where they can draw, if you are more on the conservative side, she recommends that parents also set up a "writing nook" just so they know they have a place where they can express themselves should they find the need to. The writing nook could simply be a table with pens and papers. 

    "And if they do end up writing on the wall after a thousand times of telling them not to do it, you're not going to have a heart of like, "Bakit mo ba ginawa yon?" with that anger. The question in your head is "Why can you not just do what is right?"

    As a parent who just learned how to be calmer with her kids, she advises saying this instead: "You know that I don't like for you to write on that wall. I already told you before and it makes me upset that you wrote on that wall. But I want to know, why did you write on that wall ba?" 

    "When you ask kasi your children in a calmer way, they also answer back in a calmer way as well," she explained. Watch the full video here.

    What you can do instead

    If you want your kids to have the full experience of drawing on your walls, but you are also torn with the mess they will make in your house, you may try these options.

     1. Let them use washable crayons or pens.



    At least nothing is permanent and you can both clean it up after.

    Buy it on Lazada here or on Shopee here.

    2. Put a big chalkboard sticker in your room.

    This is the biggest hack. They don't have to draw directly on your white wall, but you can put this chalkboard as your wallpaper. It can also double as a learning corner.


    Buy it on Lazada here or on Shopee here.

    Remember that the objective is to let your kids to have an outlet to express themselves, so that you can understand them and develop an open communication line with them. 

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