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  • This Is How Digital Tools Help Your Kids Learn Faster

    Maximize the technology you have to boost your child's learning.
This Is How Digital Tools Help Your Kids Learn Faster
  • In today's day and age, you are probably one of the many moms who are desperately trying to pry gadgets off their kids' hands and replace electronics with books. Although several studies have shown that too much screen time can have negative effects on children, it also serves several positive effects, particularly on your kid's ability to learn.

    Here's a list of how digital tools can help your kids learn faster:


    Digital tools make learning more engaging.

    You were once a child, so you know how everything else is so much more interesting than sitting down for an hour with a book. Instead of getting upset with your kids for leaving books aside, use the gadget instead to get them to read. There are many engaging books online that you can enjoy with your child.

    Digital tools open new learning opportunities.

    Once your kids rediscover how much fun they can have reading through interactive materials, it will lead to an insatiable appetite for learning. School subjects that used to be intimidating can be presented to them in a new light.


    Digital tools can help kids understand concepts better.

    Most kids today are visual and kinesthetic learners. If your kids are struggling with math, you can show them problems involving pictures rather than words. Complement text-based concepts with digital tools to help them solve math problems and understand formulas they can't normally grasp quickly if they rely on written problems alone. The more senses involved in reading, the more they learn.

    Digital tools provide accessibility to more resources.

    As long as you monitor what your child sees online, the internet and several new technology can provide you and your child with unlimited learning resources. You are just a click away from materials and information your child can use to help him understand his lessons better. 

    Contrary to popular belief, modernized learning doesn't make traditional books less significant. Integrating the two can actually reinforce the content of both learning tools. The result creates an interesting new world of learning that can be very enticing for children.

    And just in time for #NationalReadingMonth, Globe launched #GlobeREADiscovery2017. It encourages parents to help their kids rediscover their love for reading—whether online or off. The idea that the digital world could open more opportunities for learning sparks Globe's advocacy.

    The event featured fun-filled and engaging activities like interactive storytelling sessions and story-making workshop for parents and kids.

    The head of Strategy, Innovation, & Transformation Division, Michelle E. Tapia of Globe myBusiness, said their advocacy to use digital tools as an additional medium for reading could help kids develop a love for reading and learning. "When kids improve their reading comprehension, it enables them to tackle more complex concepts in other subjects such as Math and Science, so they are able to learn more effectively."

    To reach more kids and encourage more parents to use digital tools to help their kids learn, Globe is reaching out to their partner publishers and institutions to develop innovative content together to provide effective learning materials. Globe is also open to working with other businesses like public and private schools and nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about the advocacy and improve the country's evolving educational system.

    If you are concerned about prolonged screen time and exposing your child to online content, Globe education partners advise parents to set a reasonable amount of time for your kids and visit sites with curated content specifically for them. Your guidance and balance is key to properly maximizing what your kids learn in the digital world. 

    Want to nominate schools that should go digital? Send an email to education@globe.com.ph.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe myBusiness.