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  • This Made Our Day: Hilarious Video on What Moms Really Think of Articles Telling Them How to Parent

    Moms are tired of the internet telling them what to do and what not to do!

  • Video from The BreakWomb/Youtube

    Parenting is difficult. We know that. And, most often, the internet thinks it's doing parents a favor by bombarding them with advice and information on how to parent. "Don't praise your child's smarts. Praise his hard work" the internet says, but the internet also says you should acknoweldge and let him know of his innate brilliance. What?!

    The moms from The BreakWomb have had enough of the internet's so-called "advice" and the hilarious video above proves that maybe they, and other moms, should unplug for a few weeks. What's so bad about trusting one's instincts once in a while? Right, The BreakWomb moms? 

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