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Kitchen Playsets, Head-Turning Costumes: The Best DIY Projects By Moms And Dads This 2021
PHOTO BY (from left) dee aquino, ruby delos reyes, modesty domingo
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    Parents are always willing to go the extra mile just to give their kids the best of everything. And despite being on a budget, parents manage to find ways to entertain and bring smiles to their little ones through do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

    Crafty parents who pulled off amazing DIY projects this 2021

    Before the year ends, we wanted to give props to moms and dads who inspired our parenting community with their brilliant and wallet-friendly DIY projects. From playsets, double-purpose furniture, to a whole indoor playground, these ingenious parents proved less cost doesn't mean less the fun or awesomeness.

    Here are 7 awe-inspiring #GalingNiMommy and #GalingNiDaddy stories Smart Parenting featured in 2021.

    Most popular #GalingNiMommy DIY projects 

    1. Crib turned toy storage and study table

    Yes, your toddlers can still use their cribs...as a study table!
    PHOTO BY mary jane pazon

    When her little one outgrew his crib, mom Mary Jane Pazon did not want to just leave it on the side unused. Instead, she found not just one but two ways to utilize it.

    At first, she repurposed the crib and turned it into a toy storage but after further research on DIY projects, Mary Jane was inspired to transform it into a study table.

    With the help of her husband, now, their son Jasper has a dedicated study area, and the family didn’t even have to spend much for it.

    Read how they flipped the crib to become a functional study table here.

    2. DIY kitchen play set

    It comes complete with a stove, oven, and sink!
    PHOTO BY Ruby Delos Reyes

    Toy sets like kitchen playsets can get expensive. But madiskarte mom Ruby Delos Reyes used her DIY skills to gift one to her daughter and it only cost her Php240. 

    watch now

    Although the kitchen set is only made out of recycled cardboard, it can rival those that can be bought from toy stores. It even has a marble finish!

    Learn how to make a DIY kitchen play set here.

    3. DIY race car

    Modesty's son is all smiles in his 'Ferrari' race car.
    PHOTO BY modesty domingo

    Mommy Modesty Domingo is no stranger to DIY projects and every time she takes on a new project, she makes sure that it will top the previous one. So, when her son wished for a race-car-themed birthday party, Modesty did not disappoint.

    Because of the pandemic, Modesty had to be resourceful. With a budget of only Php300 she used mainly recycled cardboards to give her son the experience of riding a Formula 1 race car.

    Read how to make a DIY race car here.

    4. DIY indoor playground

    Boredom has no place in this indoor playground.
    PHOTO BY dee aquino

    Various studies have already proved the negative effects of prolonged screen time on toddlers. Thinking only the best for her 2-year-old son, Teo, mom Dee Aquino researched about the best educational toys out there. This is when she got the idea of building an indoor playground inspired by the Montessori method.

    Knowing how expensive Montessori materials and play materials can get, she enlisted the help of Teo’s lolo to DIY some of the toys and items. They spent almost two months and more or less Php9,000 for the project, which is still a big tipid compared to buying brand new items.

    Read how to design and build a Montesorri-inspired play area here.

    Most popular #GalingNiDaddy DIY projects

    5. Dress made of balikbayan boxes

    Anthony says the inspiration behind the dress are the Philippine eagle, the former national bird Maya, and the Maranao’s sarimanok.
    PHOTO BY ag gonzales

    A self-confessed “hands-on dad” Anthony Gonzales stepped up when his daughter participated in an online pageant and had to wear a costume made out of recycled materials. 


    A former OFW (overseas Filipino worker), Anthony decided to use their old balikbayan boxes to fashion a head-turner outfit.

    Somehow, the project also became a welcome respite from the challenges he faced after losing his job abroad and having to relocate to the Philippines.

    Click here to see how Anthony made his creation come to life.

    6. Affordable swing and slide set

    They made sure that the swing and slide were safe for playing.
    PHOTO BY althea meizie reyes

    A mom from our online parenting community, Smart Parenting Village, can't help but be proud of her husband who built a DIY wooden slide and swing set for their toddler for only Php200!

    Mom Althea Meizie Reyes said her husband didn't need to shell out money for the wood materials since he was able to ask for discarded paleta or wood pallets from his workplace.

    Learn how to build a DIY swing and slide set here.


    7. DIY kitchen play set (dad version)

    A real faucet, hooks for pans and pots, and a built-in 'oven' complete the set!
    PHOTO BY kenneth salar

    As an OFW, dad Kenneth Salar wanted to make his limited time to be with his daughter extra special. A proud #girldad, Kenneth assembled a kitchen playset made out of plywood for her daughter.

    Kenneth said it only took him 3 days to complete the project. While he spent only less than Php1,000, his child's reaction upon seeing the DIY play area was priceless for him.

    Click here to see how Kenneth built a mini-kitchen set from scratch.

    Hats off to all the moms and dads who will do anything to put a smile on their children’s faces!

    Looking for more DIY to projects? Click here.

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