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Our Top 7 Children's Books Where Dad Is the 'Bida' (Daddy-Kid Cuddle Time!)
  • Daddies are usually not as mushy as moms, but we do know what makes them super kilig. When kids pick out a book with fathers as the main character, dads immediately break out into a huge smile, and you can literally see their chests puff up with pride. Short of them saying, “Take my money!” I’ve never seen more eager book buyers. 

    At home when it’s time for a bedtime story and the little one makes a special request for a daddy book, dads always drop whatever they’re doing to cuddle up and read. After reading, daddy gets an extra big hug and an “I love you, Daddy!” Their hearts, melt and it’s all one big one gooey mess. I promise I’ve seen this firsthand and other moms vouch for the same.

    To experience the same phenomenon, here are seven of our highly-recommended daddy books. 

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    For 0 to 6 years old


    My Daddy! My One and Only! (Php99.75)
    Author: Zarah Gagatiga/ Illustrator: Jomike Tejido/ Publisher: Lampara Books/ Language: English & Filipino/ Format: Softcover

    This goes on top of the list because it is our absolute FAVORITE daddy book! It’s a story of a young child who says his daddy may not have millions in the bank or an expensive car, but his daddy is always there for him and teaches him everything he needs to know.

    It also has a very special line that mommies love: “He plays the guitar and sings to my Mom when she is sad, tired, or very lonesome.”

    The text is simple and illustrations are adorable. This book has so much love to share, making it perfect for reading together as a family!

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    Jamie’s Best Friend (Php600)
    Author: Paolo Bitanga/ Illustrator: Winnie Wong/ Publisher: Penelope Pop/ Language: English/ Format: Hardbound

    We’ve seen moms and dads get teary-eyed after reading this book! The story is about Jamie whose imaginary best friend had to leave, so he's in search of a new one. His requirements are simple: the new best friend gives great hugs, shares RED gummy bears and isn't afraid of scary stories. He meets several possible best friends, but no one seems qualified until he finds the perfect one who’s always been by his side all along. Can you guess who?

    This heart-tugging story will have them hanging on to your every word. They’ll also love going through every character as the illustrations are straight out of a child’s fantasy. With its superior quality printing, this is a must-have for children’s book collectors!

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    I Love You, Papa! (Php150)
    Author: Maan del Rosario/ Illustrator: Darwin Alcazar/ Publisher: ABS-CBN Publishing/ Language: English/ Format: Softcover 

    Big bright images with simple text make this series a favorite with early readers. What we truly love about it is its repetitive lines with “I Love you, Papa!” in almost every page. Papa is fun, takes the kids on adventures and reminds them to stay active. “I love you, Papa!” just might be your toddler’s new favorite phrase. We’re sure Papa won’t complain!

    What other parents are reading

    For 5 years old and up


    Run, Dad, Run! (Php250)
    Author: Minnie Francisco-Francia/ Illustrator: Leo Kempis Ang/ Publisher: ELouise Publications/ Language: English & Filipino/ Format: Softcover  

    For running aficionados, this book is always a big hit. Dad runs a huge marathon, and his whole family is there to support and cheer him on until the finish line. 

    There are so many lessons to be learned from the story and the family will enjoy going through them. We love that this actively promotes running as a sport for everyone, regardless of size, shape, color and physical condition.

    What other parents are reading

    Meet My SuperDad (Php80)
    Author: Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan/ Illustrator: Isa Natividad/ Publisher: OMF Literature Inc. for Hiyas/ Language: English/ Format: Softcover

    Donny has a Superdad. His friends don't believe him, but one day they see for themselves that he really is a Superdad! He didn’t fly or wear a cape, what he did was actually very simple, he helped Donny and his friends find a lost puppy. To kids, it’s always the little things that matter. 

    Our favorite line from the book goes like this, “My dad’s super because he’s humble enough to say sorry when he’s wrong. He’s far from being perfect, though. Sometimes he also loses his cool or forgets our pasalubong. But whenever this happens, he says 'Sorry,' which makes us love him even more.”

    What other parents are reading

    May Higante sa Aming Bahay (Php99)
    Author: Rhandee Garlitos/ Illustrator: Ferdinand Guevara/ Publisher: Adarna House/ Language: English & Filipino/ Awards: 2009 PBBY-Salanga Prize, Grand Prize Winner 2009 PBBY-Alcala Prize, Grand Prize Winner 

    A little boy is terrified because a giant has come to live in their house. Who is this man that his mom and siblings seem to really like? The giant goes out of his way to spend time with him and over the next few days, he realizes that the giant is really nice and loving. The giant is his daddy!


    This is our favorite story for children with family members living away from home. Young children do need time to adjust whether you’ve been away a few years or even just a few days.

    What other parents are reading

    For 6 years old and up

    A Lesson from Juana (PhpP99.75)
    Author: Becky Bravo/ Illustrator: Jonathan Rañola/ Publisher: Lampara Books/ Language: English & Filipino/ Format: Softcover

    This is a powerful tale of how a child’s father can change the course of her daughter's life by simply encouraging her to be true to herself and believing in her dreams.


    Juana wanted to learn how to fish, but her community believes that fishing is a job for men. She was better off sewing and weaving. Her father saw her determination and taught her a skill that no one else dared to do for their daughter. Juana excelled in fishing and she went on to develop new fishing methods which she was able to share with her community, and they all prospered. 

    With beautifully illustrated wistful images that make you feel the ocean breeze, this is the perfect book for little girls and boys who dream big.

    What other parents are reading

    Sandosenang Sapatos (Php120)
    Author: Luis Gatmaitan, M.D./ Illustrator: Beth Parrocha Doctolero/ Publisher: Hiyas/ Language: English & Filipino/ Format: Softcover/ Award: First Prize, Short Story for Children, 2001 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature

    Fact: This book will make you cry. Fathers are often stereotyped as stoic, hard-working and not expressive with their emotions. 


    In this story, a shoemaker has two little girls, Karina and Susie. Susie is born with a physical abnormality and cannot wear the beautiful shoes his father makes. It is only much later they see how their father expressed his deep love for Susie through his handmade masterpieces. 

    A father’s love is sometimes inaudible, but they can make miracles happen.

    Alexine Parreño is mom to 7-year-old Adriana, a bookworm who dreams of becoming a ninja, the first Filipina astronaut, a scientist, and a chef. Alexine also runs the online bookstore, Pumplepie Books & Happiness

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