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  • This Mom Supports Her Child’s Love For Toys Because It Reduces Screen Time

    Her child’s hobby doesn’t just keep her entertained–it helps stimulate her creativity, too.
This Mom Supports Her Child’s Love For Toys Because It Reduces Screen Time
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Zaza Limcangco
  • Zaza Limcangco is a mom who subscribes to the many positive benefits of toys, such as stimulating a child’s creativity and imagination. This is why she supports her 5-year-old daughter Andi’s hobby of collecting Lego Disney Princesses sets.

    “She has been collecting them for about a year and a half now,” the mom-of-four says of her youngest.

    Zaza says Andi’s interest was sparked by her father’s hobby. She explains, “Her dad is a super Lego fan and, in fact, has VIP membership. He started going with Andi to the Lego store when our daughter was just 3.”

    “When she was old enough to understand Disney movies like Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid, she was able to appreciate the Lego collection more,” says Zaza.

    Andi currently has sets of Arendelle Castle Village and Olaf’s Summertime Fun from Frozen; Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Cinderella’s Dream Castle from Cinderella, and Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace Adventures from Aladdin. She was also recently given a set from the Maleficent movie.

    Photo by Courtesy of Zaza Limcangco.

    Zaza is so happy to see that Andi’s toy collection occupies most of her playtime.

    “I support anything that takes her away from screen time,” she says. “When she plays with her Legos, she forgets about borrowing her dad’s phone. Also, Lego promotes creativity and develops my child’s imagination. One time, I caught her letting Olaf and Sven have a ‘conversation,’ which was really cute.”

    Zaza also finds great value in how construction play sharpens her daughter’s cognitive skills.

    “Lego develops her ability to follow instructions because the sets have step-by-step assembly instructions in the form of pictures,” she says.

    When Andi is not in school, she focuses on building her sets, which can sometimes take all afternoon. Playtime also results in family bonding and socialization, which makes it more meaningful.

    “I think she enjoys them more when she has a playmate and a guide to help her assemble. Usually, it’s her dad who helps her in the process, then I step in after to play with her newly assembled set,” Zaza says.

    Zaza knows that Lego sets can be a little pricey, so she usually buys a set for Andi during special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. But knowing that her daughter benefits so much from construction play makes the investment worth it.

    “Sometimes, the cost of a toy and the tediousness of having to help your child with it can discourage parents from buying them. But if you see that your child enjoys it and it helps him or her develop creativity, imagination, and other positive traits, why not?” she reasons.

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