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We Can't Stop Crying After Watching This Video Of Dad Hugging His Son
PHOTO BY tiktok / @xvjoshonline
  • People often talk about maternal instinct, but we shouldn't exclude dads from having that same strong sense of intuition about their child's wellbeing. We saw this on full display in a home CCTV footage that has been warming the hearts of many online.

    On Friday, November 18, 2022, Josue Prudente uploaded on his Tiktok account a CCTV footage from their house's living area. Josue is checking his phone while his dad is sitting on a couch nearby. Moments later, his dad stood up, walked towards Josue, and extended his arm to offer his grown-up son a hug.

    Josue instantly reached out to his dad and burst into tears. From the outside looking in, one can deduce that Josue really considers his dad as his safe place. Smart Parenting got permission from Josue to reshare the video. Watch it below (but make sure to prepare a few rolls of tissue next to you).


    A father's unconditional love and support

    In an interview with Philippine Star, Josue gave a bit of context on the tear-jerking moment. He said his parents felt that he was going through challenging times recently, and at that moment, his dad wanted to assure him of their love and support.

    "Ramdam ko po 'yung pag-alala nila at pagmamahal nila sa'kin, at super close po kami ng papa ko sobra po," he shared.

    Seeing a glimpse into their healthy parent-child relationship feels like a warm hug in itself. But more than that, this video also offers a few reminders to parents and children alike.

    For one, fathers need not be distant too distant from their children. Moms shouldn't be the only affectionate parent offering hugs and kisses. Gone are the days when dads' sole responsibility is to be the family's provider.

    Numerous studies have already proven that having a present and more involved dad has impactful benefits on a child's development.

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    One of Craig F. Garfield, MD, professor of Pediatrics and Medical Social Sciences studies, shows an association between father involvement and reduced behavioral problems and enhanced cognitive development in adolescent boys as well as reduced psychological problems in adolescent girls. (Read more here

    Another is to preserve that tight-knit relationship no matter how grown up your child gets. How you show your affection to your son or daughter may be a little different from when they are babies and toddlers but we hope you'll never feel like your child is too old to hug or say 'I love you' to. These moments build up over time and become a strong foundation for your child to hold on to through difficult times.

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    Speaking from experience, having that assurance that my parent loves and supports me unconditionally fuels me to take risks and take the chance to go after my goals even though I know it won't be easy. (Shoutout to my dad too!)

    On that note, Josue's video also reminds children that there's nothing to be ashamed of for needing their parents, even as an adult.

    And lastly, don't forget to check on your family members! The past few years have been tough  for everyone, and it pays to even just have someone ask how you have been or, in the case of Josue and his dad, get a tight and warm hug.

    Hug and affection will never spoil your child. Read why you should never get rid of should never ever get rid of hugs here.

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