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  • WFH Moms Share How 'Snack Breaks' Helped Them Bond With Their Kids More

    With the holiday break coming up, now would be a good time to start!
WFH Moms Share How 'Snack Breaks' Helped Them Bond With Their Kids More
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  • While it wasn’t easy juggling childcare with a full-time job, most moms and dads find ways to make it work. Some also realized the real value of this time spent at home. Our quality time with the kids — connecting with them and witnessing them develop and grow — is indeed precious.

    KB Ignacio, Isabel Belen-Dizon, and Seema Savoie, who are work-from-home moms and members of the Smart Parenting Mom Network, share that children need their parents’ assurance, guidance, and presence more than ever. One way that helped them connect and bond with their kids is by having snacks together.

    Yes, something as simple as eating merienda with your child can go a long way to strengthening your bond. Read here how snack breaks brought these moms and their kids closer together.

    Time to dream together

    KB, who works for a media, content, and tech agency, says her days are usually packed with online meetings, making it “crucial” for her to allot specific times in the day to be with her son Uno, 6.

    “I only get to really spend quality time with him after work — to supervise his asynchronous learning, play Legos, or watch his favorite superhero shows,” says the mom of one.

    But, by having merienda together with Uno, KB gets to know her child better, making their connection a little deeper. “I get to ask him how he is currently feeling, what he wants [to be] when he grows up, or simply ask how his day is so far. We use this time to talk about anything under the sun.”

    The mom even says that snack time with her son is a way for them to dream together, of days when COVID-19 is no longer a concern.

    “We dream of things that we can do or think of places and countries we want to visit, especially now that’s it’s the holidays. Sometimes, Uno would randomly tell me that he wants to go to New York, Australia, and even to the North Pole. He would draw these places and show them to me giddily,” KB explains.

    The mom also says that aside from these snack dates with her son, they also spend quality time drawing and painting together.

    “These are memories that we would want to cherish, especially during these uncertain times,” she adds.

    A way to provide a sense of security

    For Isabel, who works from home as a lien negotiator for a California-based MRI facility, these months during the pandemic made her realize that her children needed her more than ever.

    “I noticed that my eldest daughter felt anxious [about what she] saw in the news through social media and the Internet,” the mom of two begins. “There came a time when she [had] a nightmare about the pandemic and couldn’t sleep anymore.”

    “This made me realize that she’s still a kid; she needs me more than anything else. For us to cope, we have to connect with each other, and we have to be present as a family.”

    Isabel says family snack time became a way for her to connect with kids. “This helps them feel loved, safe, and secure. I also use this time to teach the kids about family values and traditions. It also develops open communication with the family.”

    The mom points out that parents should realize that kids grow up fast, so we should cherish moments spent with them.

    “As work-from-home moms, we have a lot on our plate, but spending time with the kids is the most precious part of our day.”

    Much-needed human connection

    Working from home as a credit manager, Seema says she no matter how busy she is, she makes it a point to take quick breaks with her kids and give them her undivided attention.

    The mom of two shares that the current situation has “greatly affected [children] mentally and emotionally. They no longer have enough human contact. We are the only people they interacted with for almost a year now.”

    Having merienda together as a family became Seema’s way of ensuring she is providing that much-needed human connection to her children and, at the same time, teaching them the importance of family.

    “Eating together is a sacred thing in our family,” she says. “I want to instill in [my kids] the importance of eating together as a family because, from experience, it really creates a strong bond. I know that they will carry that with them when they have their own family.”

    She adds: “No matter how busy I am with household chores or with my work, I create a schedule and make time for my kids.”

    This may sound like common sense, but it’s one we should never forget: Time is free, but quality time is priceless.

    As these moms prove, time spent with our kids, whether eating, playing, or chatting, is something that we can never put a price tag on. And with the holiday break almost upon us, this may be the perfect time to bond and connect with our children.

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