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  • Here's Why Moms Need to Wake Up 2 Hours Earlier Than Everyone Else

Here's Why Moms Need to Wake Up 2 Hours Earlier Than Everyone Else
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  • School season can be tough for parents. Moms and dads wake up early — often before the crack of dawn — to cook breakfast, get themselves ready for work and their kids ready for school, check their kids’ school bags, and of course, prepare their kids’ baon.

    Every morning is filled with tasks that must be accomplished in a couple of hours tops, putting parents in a seemingly endless rush until everybody is all dressed and ready.

    Rosanna Mercado-Estrellado, a senior project manager working in events and advertising, starts her day at five in the morning, or earlier, not just to prepare for work, but also to get her two daughters — Ysabel, 7, and Yohanne, 4 — ready for school.

    Here she shares her foolproof and time-tested tips to survive the hectic school mornings.

    1. Create a weekly meal plan.

    Getting your kids ready for school while preparing for work at the same time is no easy feat. What Rosanna does to make her morning prep more efficient is to plan a weekly menu for her family. She and her husband do their grocery shopping weekly, buying the necessities needed for their weekly meals.

    Even her daughters’ daily baon is planned in advance. “To manage everything, may menu na naka-post sa ref for baon na dapat lutuin weekly,” Rosanna says.

    2. Balance your family’s food preferences.

    When it comes to choosing the dishes she cooks for her family, Rosanna makes it a point to consider every family member’s preferences. By cooking meals that everyone will like, this mom is sure that all members of the family will start their day with a full belly.

    For the mom of two, a good and complete breakfast is necessary for everyone to start their day right. “Our rule of thumb is to ask our kids kung ano ang gusto nila [kainin] before they sleep,” she adds.

    3. Write down the schedule for everyone to see.

    There is no right or wrong way to make a morning routine for your family. What’s essential is everyone agrees and follows the schedule. In the Estrellado household, the daily schedule is planned every night.

    Rosanna says she and her family talk about their schedule for the next day the night before “para first thing in the morning, diretso na.” They make a list of tasks they need to do and post a schedule for everyone to follow.

    This mom notes that it’s quite remarkable how her two young kids can cooperate and stick to their routine. “Actually, part [ito] ng training nila since wala talaga kaming nanny, at ang bantay ay lola nila. Wala silang choice but to cooperate,” Rosanna says with a laugh.

    4. Involve your kids in baon-planning.

    It’s never too early to teach kids to be responsible. In Rosanna’s home, her kids are in charge of choosing their baon for the week and packing their lunch boxes every day.

    The mom says she, her husband, and their daughters all go to the supermarket during weekends to buy the kids’ weekly baon. “We ask them kung ano ang gusto nila,” Rosanna says. “Then, sila rin ang pumipili sa morning kung ano ang snacks nila for school.”

    Her eldest daughter also helps prepare her younger sister’s baon. “’Pag nasa grocery, si Ysabel ang nag-ga-guide kay Yohanne kung ano ang masarap. She even reminds Yohanne kung ano yung snacks na kulang sa snack box,” the mom says.

    Rosanna also makes sure her daughters' chosen baon treats are something they both will enjoy and will keep them active and alert at school.

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