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  • Nakakapagsalita Na Ba Ang Baby Ko? Know More About Your 1-Year-Old's Baby Milestones!

    Would baby say "dada" or "mama" first?
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Nakakapagsalita Na Ba Ang Baby Ko? Know More About Your 1-Year-Old's Baby Milestones!
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  • We can’t agree with you more if you feel like it was just yesterday when you were carrying precious life inside your womb and he or she is now your everyday bundle of joy. With your child turning a year old, you're probably excited and anticipating the 1 year old baby milestones and other wonderful surprises from your baby's development from here on.

    What should a 1 year old baby be doing?

    As your baby becomes a toddler, you might observe developmental milestones that your baby might be able to do by this time.

    Your child may now be able to wave goodbye, or point at different objects. They may even start making babbles, making sounds that can mimic our normal speech. What will warm your heart is when your baby starts to say “mama” or “dada."

    As your baby grows, they will find playing with objects fun. Babies really do love to explore!

    They can now place objects in and out of their containers. They might even be able to stand on their own, or walk while holding your hand.

    By this time, your toddler finds joy listening to stories and looking at pictures. They enjoy those cutesy gestures you make when you do peek-a-boo, or any other social games. Also, don’t be startled when your baby cries when you are gone from his or her sight, because they are already aware whenever you leave the room.

    You should also take note that at this stage, your baby has the tendency to copy the things they see other people do, or imitate other kids and adults while watching them. They will now repeat a certain action just to see the desired effect just like when your baby drops a toy and you instinctively pick it up. Be attentive of what your 1-year-old baby sees and hears.


    What milestones should a 1 year old have?

    While keeping tabs on your 1-year-old baby’s progress in their development, there are different milestones you can watch out for.

    Physical Milestones

    The physical milestone includes the development of gross motor skills, which is about using the big muscles in order to move the body, and fine motor skills which is about using smaller muscles for doing little movements.

    Gross motor skills involves being able to sit without any help from objects or from someone. With your toddler developing their gross motor skills, your child can already crawl, stand and sit on their own.

    Fine motor skills is all about your toddler being able to pick up small things using their thumb with another finger, doing scribbles, and even putting things in and out of its container.

    Cognitive Milestones

    This milestone is reflected on how your toddler starts learning how to think, learn on their own, and explore different things.

    This milestone includes knowing what a command means, and what to do like when you say “blow me a kiss,” or “clap your hands.” With this development, your child will become even more playful as they start pretend play with their stuffed animals or other toys. Your child will also explore cause and effect — what happens when they do certain things like throwing their toy and you picking it up, making your child repeat the action.

    Language Milestones

    In this milestone, it's not all about the sounds and words your baby can say, but also how they can understand the words that you and other people say.

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    Your child will start making babbles and sounds that can mimic your normal speech as they try to talk to you. Your child can now understand what certain words mean like when you say “stop” or “kiss mommy” or “pick up the ball,” or even the meaning of certain words for an object.

    Social and Emotional Milestones

    Even if your children don't get to play with other toddlers at this point, your child can still learn social skills, and how to express their emotions.

    Your child can smile and laugh at things and situations that they find funny or amusing. Your toddler cries when they feel hurt or if you are leaving their side even for a second. They show affection to people they feel comfortable and familiar with.

    How many words is a 1 year old supposed to say?

    As your baby turns into a toddler, your child will probably learn to say one to three words. These words are as simple as saying “mama” or “dada” or trying to say a name for a pet or for an object.

    Although your child may not be saying much by this time, this is the start of the fun times with your toddlers language development.

    Remember that children develop at their own pace and it is difficult to pinpoint when they will master certain skills exactly. They might achieve some of these milestones earlier than expected or even at a later stage. If you have any worries, be sure to tell your pediatrician so that they can advise you on what to do.


    Click here to read more about developmental delays in toddlers and children.

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