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  • 3 Practical Hacks for Teething, Diaper Bag, and Bottle Storage

    Three moms share their tricks and techniques to make our lives easier.
    by Rachel Perez .
3 Practical Hacks for Teething, Diaper Bag, and Bottle Storage
PHOTO BY Tasia Blackwell, The Painted Dragon, and Brooke McDaniel on Facebook
  • Parenting is daunting, but tasks like household chores and picking up after your kids can be mind-numbing. If you're pumping breast milk or bottle feeding, you also need to clean your nursing pump stuff and containers or bottles. You've also got diapering duties, baby clothes laundry -- the list goes on.

    While you can delegate some of these tasks to the help, these genius moms shared how they do it without extra hands (thanks to the Internet!). You might find these simple hacks useful, too.

    Diaper bag hack
    Elizabeth Rasco Burchiel (a.k.a. The Painted Dragon) of California shared how she's able to save space in the diaper bag. She attached a pack of wipes to the inside top of an empty baby wipe box with rubber bands and then filled the box with onesies, diapers, doggie bags for dirty diapers, and a disposable changing table. Rasco later improved on her original design to make it more durable.


    So when you have a diaper emergency -- like a blowout -- all you have to bring is one box! No more rummaging inside the diaper bag while trying to keep baby still on the diaper changing table. When your child gets older, this diaper bag hack works just as well even with just diapers inside.

    Teething milk hack
    Tasia Blackwell
    of Ohio had an incredible idea on how to deal with a teething baby. She gives her son a "milksicle," which is basically a popsicle made with breast milk. "He loves it! Helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy," she wrote. All you need is a regular popsicle mold, fill it with breast milk, place it inside a breast plastic bag container, and then freeze.

    Erupting tooth could sometimes make babies feel uncomfortable. Your baby could become irritable and will want to chew on anything to help relieve the pain. Doctors usually advise giving water-filled teethers that have been chilled in the refrigerator. If your baby doesn't like it cold, try transferring it from the freezer to the fridge for a while before offering it.

    Baby bottle storage hack

    Brooke McDaniel of Texas posted a nifty way to store baby bottles by using a cheap shower caddy with the hooks at the bottom holding pacifiers and teethers. "Best 'bottle holder' I could ever have. All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn't utilizing, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it," she wrote. Brooke's idea eliminated the chance that the bottles would easily get knocked down and roll all over the kitchen floor.

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    While a lot of moms were amazed by her idea, some criticized that she had too many bottles. Brooke has two kids who use them, and she didn't want to wash bottles often. As for the nipples being exposed, Well, you can still store the bottles with its caps in place using the same hack, right? No judgment, just gratitude. 

    At the end of the day, you decide if you want to adapt these techniques. They may seem simple, but they work for these moms! 

    [h/t: Scary MommyBabble, and The Huffington Post]

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