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  • 5 Weird Toddler Habits and the Reasons Behind Them

    Toddlers sometimes engage in the cutest but oddest behavior, like running around naked or walking in Daddy’s shoes. Should you be worried?
    by Rochelle Bonifacio-Prado .
  • Read on to see more weird toddler habits and the reasons behind them.


    Flushing toys
    What’s the deal with the toilet bowl? Is it the sound it makes when the water goes down? Is it the sight of spinning water sucked by an invisible entity beneath that mysterious hole? Or is it the thrill of solving the puzzle of the disappearing rubber ducky? The answer: All of the above.

    “Toddlers are explorers and they leave no stone unturned,” says Citadel Caparas-De Castro, M.D., pediatrician at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital in Manila.

    At this age, they are beginning to learn cause and effect relationships and are acquiring problem solving skills, she says. This explains their fascination for water in motion, the suctioning ability of the bowl, and the disappearance of items thrown into it.

    Watching the same movie
    You may not know who starred in 2008’s Oscar-winning film, but you can name all the lead and supporting characters in Toy Story, and recite a few lines in Horton Hears A Who. Will he ever get tired of watching the same movie repeatedly?

    “Children are comforted by routine and familiarity so they will want to watch the same DVD movie millions of times. You just have to wait until they outgrow it,” says Bunyi. Though it drives you crazy, your child learns by repetition, so channel his interest towards a different medium, such as books. But be prepared to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over and over.

    Walking up ramps in a mall
    You know you’re a toddler’s mom when you see yourself walking up ramps with no grocery cart but a kid in tow. Why can’t he use the stairs like everyone else? It’s as if his feet have wheels that automatically turn towards a ramp.

    It is exciting for curious toddlers to try unconventional ways of doing things and test the limits of their physical capabilities. What adults consider peculiarities are, in fact, developmental milestones.

    “Children are individuals, not miniature adults. They learn concepts through stages and complete these stages at their own pace,” says Dr. Caparas-De Castro.

    So, enjoy their antics and have fun learning with them as they explore their environment and discover a hundred and one possibilities in their own “weird” way.



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