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  • 5 Weird Toddler Habits and the Reasons Behind Them

    Toddlers sometimes engage in the cutest but oddest behavior, like running around naked or walking in Daddy’s shoes. Should you be worried?
    by Rochelle Bonifacio-Prado .
  • Does your two-year-old daughter waltz around the mall in her ballet costume? Does your three-year-old son crawl up instead of go down the slide? Quite peculiar, yes, but your toddlerís obsessions and seemingly weird behaviors make perfect sense in his topsy-turvy world. Read on and find out why.

    Running around naked
    Bath time’s over and there he goes, darting towards your living room without his clothes on. This is the nth time you’ve chased him around the house waving his jumpsuit, while he romps in his birthday suit!

    It is common for a toddler, who is oblivious of social norms, to delight in the freedom of not wearing clothes. Moira Bunyi, who has an M.A. in Family Life and Child Development from the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, says there could be many reasons behind this “weird” habit. However, it could also be your response to his behavior that encourages him. “When your child does something that elicits a response he likes, he will do it over and over again. When parents or caregivers laugh and say itís funny or cute, he will respond by doing it all the more,” says Bunyi. He will outgrow this habit once he starts fancying clothes and choosing what to wear. Meanwhile, Bunyi suggests some fun ways to get him covered up: Play a game such as “How fast can you dress up?” or encourage him to dress quickly so that the bedtime story can be read right away.

    Walking in your shoes
    kid wearing big shoesAnyone who says that your shoes are too big to fill has not met your three-year-old daughter; she has no trouble getting into them. She slips into your shoes, sandals, or slippers with ease, takes a good look in the mirror and smiles with satisfaction. Just when you think it is simply footwear fetish, you spy your mobile phone in her hand, your bag over her shoulder, and wait, is that your blush on her cheeks, too?

    “Toddlers are fascinated with Mom or Dad’s stuff because they want to be like Mom and Dad. They like your cell phone because they see you using it every day. They like Mom’s makeup and Dad’s shoes,” explains Bunyi. So don’t be surprised when you look at her and find yourself staring at your mini me.

    Bunyi adds, “They are also very much into imaginative play, so wearing big shoes helps them become what they want to be.”



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