6 Signs Mommy and Toddler’s Skin is Soap-damaged

That squeaky clean skin feeling might not be a good thing.

Most moms think that once their child starts walking, he would automatically need a stronger soap to cleanse his body. It's a common misconception to switch to family bar soap at age 1, because your child's skin is still developing until age 7. So even if you have the best intentions in mind, like protecting your child and keeping him clean, you could be compromising the natural oils and overall health of his young skin.

In a recent study, "damaged" isn't something most moms use to describe their toddler's skin. In reality, 60% of babies have dry skin, when checked in a clinical setting, despite no visible results.

To help you spot often unrecognized signs of skin dryness and damage that affects moms and kids, here are some signs of a soap-damaged skin:

Cracked and flaky skin

When unattended, dry skin tends to introduce flakes or cracks in parts of the body that have been dried out and stripped of the natural skin barrier. It often occurs when you or your little one are often in a dry and airconditioned environment. Since the skin is more fragile, it's more prone to cracks and flakes. Make sure you consult an expert immediately to prevent dryness from leading into a more serious skin condition.


Kids are very prone to rashes, which could be caused by a number of things, like the cold, dry outdoor air or even bathing. Bathing too long can cause dryness, especially if you use family bar soap that can strip your child's skin of natural moisture. Cut back on bath time and make sure you use soap that will keep your baby's skin moisturized and soft. Hot and humid environment can cause sweat that can irritate skin that isn't moisturized. Lotions and moisturizing bath products are good preventive measures.

Itching, Pain, or Chafing

Since soap clearly compromises the skin's natural barrier, you can expect some external discomfort from your child through itching, pain, or chafing. Kids can't effectively communicate discomfort the way that adults can - so if you see your toddler is irritable, he may be experiencing skin discomfort. Observe these symptoms gently and find natural ways to ease these symptoms like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar.

White scratch marks

It may be fun for your toddler to draw things on his or her skin using fingernails. But this is an urgent sign of dryness. Your little one may need more fluids or water in the body.

Too much tightness

When you slightly pinch little one's skin, does it immediately go back to its natural form or does it linger? Massaging your child regularly ensures bonding and also allows you to inspect if there are areas in the skin that are too tight to the touch.

Squeaky dry feeling after taking a bath

The squeaky dry feeling after taking a bath is a popular sign of cleanliness. But it is also an indication of soap-damaged skin. This is the most overlooked sign of soap-damaged skin because most people mistake the squeaky clean feeling for a good thing.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Johnson and Johnson.