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  • 6 Super Ingredients That Are Great For Mommy and Toddler’s Skin

    The unique combination of these ingredients will work wonders on your baby’s skin.
  • Your little one's skin can be prone to dryness, especially during his first months. There are a couple of things you can do to help restore your child's skin to its original softness - you can dress him in light clothing, cut back on bath time and use baby products that are specifically formulated for his sensitive skin. 

    But what exactly should you look for when choosing skin products for your baby? First thing you need to consider is the formula behind the baby products you put on your baby's skin, and on your skin too. It has to be clinically-proven safe and gentle - it should not strip away any of the natural moisture on the skin.

    These are the super ingredients you need to look for in a product, to make sure that it will help nourish and replenish your child's dry skin - and yours too!


    Oats can easily transform soap-damaged, dry skin to healthy skin through its mild cleansing property. It can gently remove dead and dry skin without stripping it of its natural oil and moisture. Oats is also a great ingredient because it helps protect mommy and baby's skin by adding a temporary layer of protection. It can relieve minor irritation and itching too! Perfect for mommy and baby's sensitive skin.


    The protein in rice can help improve the moisture barrier in mommy and baby's skin. Rice water also has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin, which can help relieve inflamed skin. Rice water is also a great moisturizer and antioxidant that helps improve circulation and give you clearer skin.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that is a vital component in preventing sun damage. It also helps decrease damage caused by family bar soap, by speeding up the skin's healing process. Vitamin C also rejuvinates skin to its original healthy state.

    Vitamin E

    Apart from making sure mommy and baby's skin is moisturized, Vitamin E also serves as protection from UV light. Vitamin E not only eases dryness, it also boosts the skin's UV defense. Vitamin E also helps retain the skin's moisture.

    Milk Protein

    Milk holds a lot of magical properties, the proteins in milk is a universal remedy for various things including dry skin. Aside from removing skin dryness, it also helps cure coughs, colds, and diarrhea. 

    Pro-Vitamin B5

    Pro-Vitamin B5 or Panthenol is commonly known as a hydrator. It is most noted for its abilities to retain moisture in the skin, keeping it soft and healthy. Pro-Vitamin B5 also makes sure that throughout the day, mommy and baby's skin do not lose a lot of moisture. Choosing a product that is rich in Pro-Vitamin B5 will help you maintain the softness and elasticity or your baby's skin, and yours too. 

    When combined through a clinically-proven safe and mild formula, these super ingredients will create an effective and gentle mommy and baby product just like the new Johnson's® Milk+Oats™. Johnson's® Milk+Oats™ will restore mommy and baby's family soap-damaged skin to its original soft and healthy state. It also smoothens and softens skin, counteracts skin damage and brightens the skin.

    It doesn't take much effort to make sure that mommy and baby's skin are healthy. All it takes is a group of super ingredients and a lot of love and care. Don't know if your baby's skin is soap-damaged? Check out this article to see!



This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Johnson's Milk+Oats Baby Bath and Lotion.