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  • Read on about what to do to soothe itchy and irritated skin.


    What to do
    Apollo Petroleum JellyThere are many home-made remedies to soothe the itching but what’s important is knowing what causes the sensation. The release of histamine is the immune system’s reaction to the body’s exposure to irritants; in these cases, the anticoagulant for the mosquito bite and bacteria and germs for the flood. While histamine brings about the itchy feeling, air triggers histamine to work. Since air is the root cause, it is better to protect the irritated skin from exposure to air by applying Apollo Petroleum Jelly. The petroleum jelly works as a protective shield to prevent direct contact of air and skin.


    Petroleum jelly is a paraffin-like substance that has healing and moisturizing properties. By dabbing Apollo Petroleum Jelly, the itchy sensation is lessened and the urge to scratch is alleviated, preventing further infection and scarring. 

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