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  • A Toddler and a Dog Dress Up in Matching Outfits and It's the Most Adorable Thing Ever

    The pair match up in sweaters, pajamas and even swim trunks!

  • Photo from @reagandoodle/Instagram

    A dog is a man’s best friend. Can a dog be a boy’s best friend too? Absolutely! One couple wanted to capture the special relationship between their foster grandson and their Australian Labradoodle. So, to do that, they dress both of them up in matching outfits and take photos of them enjoying each other’s company. It’s beyond adorable.

    American couple Eric and Sandi Swiridoff says their 1-year-old dog Reagan and their grandson are practically inseparable whenever the toddler comes over. 


    “They follow each other around, steal each other’s toys, and just like to be together. At meal time, Reagan stays close by the high chair, knowing that his little buddy is sure to sneak him a bite or two,” Sandi told The Huffington Post. And, she also adds that when her grandson is taking his nap, Reagan will patiently wait outside the door for him. Too cute!

    Reagan already has quite a following on Instagram because of how dashing he looks in his outfits. Then, she decided to match him up with her grandson and the adorable levels go through the roof.  “I wanted to capture and portray a little glimpse of their special relationship, and the matching clothes helped me do just that,” she said. 

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    They can be seen in matching sweaters, swimming trunks and pajamas over on Sandi’s Instagram account for the pup. For the outfits, Sandi told Buzzfeed that she buys matching human clothes and modifies the larger one to fit Reagan.

    One photo of them pair even gets more than five thousand likes. “My dream for Reagan is that he will make a difference in this world by bringing awareness to foster care, and helping foster children any way he can,” she added.

    Check out some more of their photos below.


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