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How Not to Make Bath Time and Brushing Teeth Feel Like Chores for Your Toddler!
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  • Raising a toddler means extreme patience because everyday tasks like bathing a child or getting her to brush her teeth can take ages. But remember, when we, adults, have bath time, we see it as a chance to unwind and disconnect from the stress of daily life. We take our time, too! Toddlers may see bath time more of as a chore than fun unless...the whole bathroom is getting wet! Here are a few things that will prepare you for patience and give your child the play he wants.

    Keep everything you need within reach during bath time

    Make sure all of your essentials are within easy access. These include towels, a mild cleanser, a washcloth, among others. Should you forget anything or have to attend to something in the middle of bath time, make sure to take your child with you. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautions parents against never leaving their kids alone in the bath because most events of child drownings which happen in the home involve children younger than 1 year old.

    Have a little fun

    Some toddlers feel a little tense during bath time, so to help ease her nerves by having some fun with her in the tub! Try blowing raspberries on her tummy or tickling her to get some giggles. BabyGaga notes that tickling can help exercise a baby’s core muscles that are involved in sensory developing, which can then help her loosen up and get more relaxed. You can also try making up silly songs for her to sing along with, or even placing a mirror next to her tub, so she has a way to distract herself while you’re bathing her.


    Give your child a few toys

    Bath toys are another great way to make your tot feel more at home during bath time! Rubber ducks are a classic example of toys that are sure to pique your child’s interest because they float and make sounds. These toys are also great distractions that can help make it easier for you to clean her.

    Get in the tub with your child

    You’re probably going to get wet while bathing your child anyway, so why not just get into the bath with her? She gets used to the water, and it is an opportunity to bond with her.

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    How to make tooth brushing easier

    Tooth brushing is a vital task that needs to be done every day, especially for children whose teeth are still developing. To encourage the habit, include her in the process of choosing which toothbrush and toothpaste to use, and make the task a family affair!

    Give her flavored toothpaste

    In a previous article on SmartParenting.com.ph, one mom shared that she gave her kids flavored toothpaste to make this everyday task much more fun for them. There are lots of kinds of toothpaste you can get which come in fun flavors while still having the fluoride to promote the healthy development of your child’s teeth. You can allow her to choose the toothpaste she wants, as well as the toothbrush she intends to use.

    Reward her

    Sometimes, tooth brushing can feel like a pain. To encourage your child to brush her teeth regularly, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests creating a reward system such as a chart where you can add a sticker every time she brushes her teeth. Another simple way to reward your child is by asking her to show you her pearly whites and telling her how proud you are of her.

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    Establish a routine

    Adding tooth brushing to your family’s daily routine can make this task more natural for your child. Make sure she brushes her teeth at least two times a day (once in the morning and once before going to bed), as recommended by Kids Health.

    Turn tooth-brushing into a family affair

    If your child sees you practicing healthy dental habits every day, there is a big chance she will develop those habits herself. Aside from brushing your teeth regularly, make sure to also limit your family’s consumption of sugary foods and drinks, because these can erode the teeth enamel and cause cavities.

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