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  • Diarrhea: Tips and Treatments for Toddlers

    In the wake of the recent typhoons, keep your children safe from a common post-flood illness.
    by Julian Vorpal .
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  • As typhoon season goes full blast, kids are more prone to all sorts of sicknesses.  Diarrhea is one hazard that can and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.  Here are some tips from to take note of.


    Call the Doctor
    If you suspect your child may have gotten diarrhea due to contaminated water, contact your pediatrician right away.  E.Coli and Salmonella can be dangerous to children if not treated immediately.  Also, a doctor’s advice is important with regards to administering medication as adult anti-diarrhea drugs may be hazardous to kids if not given in correct doses.

    You should call the doctor if you see these warning signs:
    •    Hasn't had a wet diaper in three or more hours
    •    Vomiting
    •    Fever of more than 39C (102 F)
    •    Bloody or black stools
    •    Dry mouth, cries without tears
    •    Sunken appearance to the eyes, cheeks and abdomen
    •    Has skin that doesn't flatten if pinched and released
    •    Is unusually sleepy, drowsy, irritable or unresponsive

    Make Them Wash Their Hands
    Many bacteria that cause diarrhea spread through contact with feces.  Make sure your child’s hands are always clean to avoid the spread of germs.

    Keep Them Hydrated But Watch What They Drink
    Certain drinks should be avoided.  Sports drinks aren’t designed to handle the mineral and electrolyte losses of diarrhea.  Apple and prune juice are natural laxatives and orange and pineapple juice can irritate the stomach.  Instead, get oral rehydration solutions such as Hydrite tablets and Pedialyte as these can replenish nutrients and fluids.  Clean boiled drinking water is a must to have around.  Mixtures approximating glucolyte and am (the water from washed rice) are also recommended if rehydration solutions aren’t available.   



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