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  • What Makes Dolls Some Of the Best Toys You Can Give Your Child

    Dolls are great toys for both little girls and boys.
    by Kate Borbon .
What Makes Dolls Some Of the Best Toys You Can Give Your Child
PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us
  • Play is one of the best ways that kids learn, and good-quality toys can help give them the most fruitful play experience. One kind of great toys that you can consider giving your child, whatever their gender, are dolls.

    Experts say dolls are the one of the most important toys a child can have. One reason is these can help build her social skills. Psychologist Allana Elovson tells Wesleyan College that kids often don’t see their dolls as mere toys but as their friends. And when kids use toys to fill in as their friends or enact real-life situations, they have both sides of the conversation and learn about communication, problem-solving, and empathy as they play, as Jerome Singer, Professor Emeritus at Yale School of Medicine, tells Fatherly.

    Doll play also allows kids to learn skills like empathy, creativity, and cooperation, which, according to pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana, are just as important as traditional skills like reading and writing. “They’re overlooked in formal learning environments, but they are necessary,” she tells Fatherly. “Being able to read emotions is just as important as being able to read a book.”

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    Here are some great dolls you can choose from

    Steffi Love Happy Family (P1,199.75)

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us

    This toy includes a male doll and a female doll that’s pregnant, which means your child can play with a baby doll as well! This is a toy that will allow your little one to imagine what it’s like to be a parent and take care of an infant.

    Steffi Love Wedding (P699.75)

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us

    Speaking of a family, you can also give your child this doll that’s dressed in a wedding dress! Let your little one imagine that her doll is about to get married, go to a party, or get in other fun situations.

    Steffi Love Light & Glitter Mermaid (P899.75)

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    PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us

    If your child is into aquatic creatures, she might enjoy this mermaid doll! It has features your kid will enjoy: If she shakes the doll’s fin, it will glitter, and if she presses the doll’s necklace, the fin will light up. This doll is also water-resistant, so it could be a fun bath time toy for her.

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    Anna & Elsa Plush (P399.75 each)

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us

    In case your tot is still not over Frozen 2, these Elsa and Anna plush dolls can be a cute treat for her. Aside from recreating the film’s iconic songs or reenacting its most memorable lines, she might even be able to use these dolls to come up with imaginary situations between siblings, just like the events Elsa and Anna’s story.

    Coco Cones Plush (P349.75)

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Toys R Us

    These plush dolls that are modeled after animals might be perfect for animal-loving kiddos. Aside from the usual animals like dogs and cats, you can also get crocodile, bear, or panda plush dolls. Any kid will enjoy playing with these dolls and maybe even cuddling with them in bed!

    All the toys are available at Toys R Us stores. You may also visit its online store on Lazada

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