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WATCH: Drew Arellano Opens 'Arellano Bakery,' And Astro Is The Cutest 'Dough!'
  • Trust me when I say, this is the cutest video you'll ever see today.

    On Instagram, Drew Arellano shared a video of him as a pretend pastry chef in what he called the 'Arellano bakery.'

    His assistant, Kuya Primo, is helping him make some croissants. And the dough they will be using is the cutest and fluffiest of all - Baby Astro's thighs!

    Drew said, with a funny accent, "Good day, everyone! This morning, we are going to make yummy, puffy croissants!"

    "And this is the croissant we baked, and it's very yummy," said Primo.

    Drew continued, "But not that croissant. We have to roll the dough. We have to put some flour, so the dough won't stick on the table."

    He kept on rolling Astro's thighs as if they were dough, and they look really fluffy!

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    "You roll the dough, and then the dough will smile back at you. Are you okay? Are you ready to be cooked?" Drew told Astro, who looked like he enjoyed their pretend play.

    You can hear the other Arellano kids giggling and laughing, and netizens say, it's the sweetest thing. They commend Drew for being a hands-on, sweet, playful daddy. 

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    Dads, play with your kids

    We know that the video already made you laugh, but did you know that it's also an inspiration for what kind of play your kids would enjoy?


    A 2021 study conducted by Zhen Rao and Jenny Gibson of the University of Cambridge among Chinese children found that pretend play increases not only children's own, but also their play partner's display of positive emotions.

    Role-playing, which is a form of pretend play, has been proven by research as beneficial for kids, especially for the little ones. 

    Here are some of the benefits of role-playing, according to Babyology:

    1. Kids develop language and communication skills

    In a role-playing activity, a child doesn't feel the pressure to talk to their playmate, rather it encourages the conversation to flow more freely. Try activities like, "Titser-Titseran," and "Luto-Lutuan" with your kids, and observe how they would participate. And yes, these games are proven to boost your baby's brain power!

    2. Kids are learning while playing

    If you are struggling to teach your child some basic concepts, why not integrate them with play? After all, play is the best way for them to learn and absorb information while having fun. 

    In a role-playing game, you can easily teach colors or shapes, depending on what roles you are playing. You can also teach them simple instructions and steps, like how to bake, in the example of Daddy Drew.

    In a previous article, Iya explained why they haven't enrolled Primo in school, saying that they feel what their kids need to learn at their age, they could still learn at home.

    3. Kids become more imaginative

    While some kids prefer to play with toys, some also enjoy playing with ordinary items like a cardboard box or a tabo, and it's okay! In Drew's made-up bakery, he just used readily available items like baby powder and Astro's thighs, but it already brought a few minutes of laughter and bonding for the whole family!

    watch now

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    And of course, playing helps us parents bond with our kids, and relieve our stress too!

    Does your child have an imaginary friend? Don't worry, it's not scary. It's a milestone. Read more here.

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