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You Will Never Go Wrong With These Educational Toys for Toddlers, Starting at P88
PHOTO BY @houseofmadisonph and @manilawoodentoys via Instagram
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  • It’s easy to go overboard shopping for toys this Christmas especially if you have babies and toddlers. That's why it's best to keep in mind what a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently said: the more ideal toys for children, especially for toddlers, are those that encourage their creativity and imagination. In short, you might want to opt for old-fashioned toys instead of gifting them with electronic gadgets.

    So be wais! Whether you opt for an inexpensive toy or splurge on the latest craze, make sure it complements a child's physical, emotional, and mental development during his first years.

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    Here are 7 educational toys for your 2 or 3-year-olds.

    1. Kiddie-sized Tools

    All of these items are below 200!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cherdyn Mojica

    You don’t have to go to an actual toy store to find tools that will help your child’s growth and development. Encourage learning with hands-on experience — find mini-sized items that will teach your children to do chores and accomplish tasks by themselves, just like what mom Cherdyn Mojica a.k.a. The Nanay Avenue does at home! (Read her story here.) Not only will it teach them about responsibility, but it will also encourage them to be more independent. Short -handle broom and dustpan set available at Daiso for Php88. Broom and dustpan available at Dapitan Arcade for Php150. Mop available at Daiso for Php88


     2. Baby’s Big Busy Book

    Kids learn the context of words through touch-and-feel books.

    It’s never too early to get your kids started on reading! When your baby starts to grab, board books will be able to stand their stronger grips. Choose touch-and-feel books because it can stimulate your child’s sense of touch and sight.

    This book by author Karen Katz not only has bright and colorful artworks, but it also has interactive activities that will keep your little ones engaged and entertained. They can lift flaps, feel different textures and materials, and look into a mirror! Available at Kids Ink for Php599.

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    3. Blue Box Rolling N Blinking Happy Hoops


    Spark your child's curiosity and encourage him to move with this toy!
    watch now

    Develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and his motor skills with this toy (and maybe make him or her love basketball at an early age)! He can toss the ball into the hoop and watch it spin on the colorful bumpers until it lands on the base. One ball lights up for more engagement, and he can even play with the balls separately — roll it on the ground and get him crawling or walking! Buy it here for Php699.75

     4. Just Like Home Kitchen Sink Set

    You can set up the toy to look like a bathroom sink for a realistic experience, like how mom Cherdyn Mojica did it.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cherdyn Mojica

    This kitchen sink allows your child to enjoy real-life experiences in a pretend environment — the compartment hidden underneath can be filled with water, so your child can turn on the faucet and wash the dishes as grown-ups do! Then, she can pile the plates on the dish rack for drying. It comes with a pretend dish soap but why not use the real thing and let her clean the dishes with the scrub brush? She’ll be proud of her accomplishment and make her even more confident to do more tasks by herself. Available at Toys "R" Us for Php1,499

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    5. Go Build Blocks

    Think of these toys also as building blocks of your child’s all-round development. It develops gross and fine motor skills, plus it improves cognition. Being an open-ended toy, it has endless possibilities as kids can explore their imagination when playing it, and they can even use it well beyond their toddler years.

    The Go Build Blocks are recommended to children 9 months and above. It comes with 12 chunky blocks made with premium mahogany wood and has an added twist — one side has a peg hole so kids can place small objects inside (like the shop’s Rainbow Village People) and further develop their creativity. Buy it here for Php1,850.

    6. Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart


    Pretend play holds a vital role in many areas of a child’s growth including cognitive, social and emotional, language and communication, problem-solving and creativity, says Scott Barry Kaufman, a cognitive psychologist specializing in development. With this toy, boys and girls can pretend to run their own ice cream cart — push the cart and look for new customers!

    Kids can use the ice cream scooper to serve ice cream. In the process, it can teach them colors and flavors (it says it out loud!). They can also decorate it with toppings and syrup. For an extra challenge, they can follower order card instructions and build ice cream treats for ‘animal customers’ ranging from easy to hard. Buy it here for Php4,599.75

     7. Savannah Dollhouse Mansion

    This dollhouse is so pretty you can even use it as a decorative piece in the house!
    PHOTO BY @houseofmadisonph/Instagram

    “Children need to learn to think things through, come up with ideas, and be creative,” says Dr. Claire McCarthy, a primary care pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dollhouses can tap into a child’s creativity, and this supersized version will provide endless hours of entertainment because her dolls can easily fit inside. She’ll have a blast thinking of stories that her dolls can act out and mom can even join in! (Who wouldn’t want to play with this pretty thing?) Available at House of Madison for Php6,000.

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