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  • What is it about kids suddenly wanting attention the exact second we are about to start our precious me-time? 

    This week, a video has been making the rounds in Facebook that perfectly captures this frustrating it-happens-only-to-moms experience. The video was produced by the mom blogger behind The Story of This Life Esther Anderson, a mom to a cute little girl and has been married to husband Thad for six years. After working as an art teacher and leading a life on the road, they settled down in Rochester, New York and is slowly easing into "normal" life. Watch:

    And what a normal life it is, right? Practically every mom in the planet can relate. It has been shared more than 270,000 times, has gotten 120,000 reactions, and more than 20,000 comments--most of them from moms.

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    "My children have a sixth sense when it comes to me eating food. The second I sit down to take a bite, [it's] 'Mom!' or the new baby is instantly starving and will scream her lungs out until she eats....never fails!!" wrote Crystal Groves.


    "This happens to me all the time. I was already dressed for girls' night and then suddenly, my boy wakes up and the husband just couldn't put him back to sleep. I was forced to reschedule. But it was worth it, I guess. All three of us got to 'camp' in our living room and went through like 12 bedtime story books," mom-of-one Tricia Falcon shared. 

    April Gomez, account supervisor and mom of two said, "The husband part is the best! It reminds me of the meme about what kids ask their moms and what they ask their dads (Where's mom?). I can't imagine what would happen if I'm not around."

    "I remember my mom used to say to my sisters, 'Ang asawa mo ang panganay mo." It can't be truer than that. I'd like to think I'm better than the husband in the video, but my wife would probably object," dad-of-one Dino Legaspi quips.

    Stephanie Woodward nails it with her comment, too: "I know it's called 'Story of this Life,' but it's the story of MY life too!! Thank you for all you do! At least I can laugh at the circumstances!"

    It is fun and a tad bit exhausting to be at the beck and call of your kids, but you go through it nonetheless. Moms cherish the moments when we are needed--these are opportunities to show our kids we love them. When the kids are grown up, they'll have their own lives and need us less and less--and we'll definitely miss it. We're not sure, though, if "growing up" applies to the husband, too. 

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    Watch more videos from The Story of This Life here, or follow Esther on Facebook.

    What other parents are reading

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