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  • Moms Share ‘Budget-Friendly’ Learning Activities You Can Do With Toddlers

    If their usual toys and activities are not cutting it anymore, try these!
    by Czainnah Gajito .
Moms Share ‘Budget-Friendly’ Learning Activities You Can Do With Toddlers
PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Courtesy of Bloodberry Medrano and Courtesy of Ber Leones-Yac
  • Our children have been stuck indoors for more than a year now, and while we can all agree that it keeps them safe, it also means parents continue to scramble their heads for ways to keep them entertained. We've seen moms and dads build indoor playgroundsplayrooms, and kiddie nooks, but what about more budget-friendly options?

    Fun activities for toddlers that don't cost much

    On our parenting community, Smart Parenting Village, moms answered a fellow parent who asked for suggestions and said, “nauubusan na talaga ako ng ideas.” Here are some of the ideas they've come up with to keep their children occupied and active even while at home.

    1. Involve them in household chores

    Mommy Josanne Burgos shares that she teaches life skills through activities like cooking (check out this cute palayok play set!) while also targeting her toddler son's fine motor skills.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Josanne Burgos

    We might think that kids are “not yet ready” to do household chores, but you'll find that they actually have fun doing them! More than liking it, chores also teach them practical life skills plus helps them learn to be responsible and independent.

    Several moms from the Village shared that during this pandemic, they have started to get their kids involved in household tasks. Mommy Josanne Samantha Burgos shares that she and her son love to cook on weekends. 

    “I involve him sa mga [activities that teach] life skills, from gardening to chores. Minsan nakikisabay din ako sa theme for the month, like Buwan ng Wika, i-incorporate ko 'yun sa mga activities namin,” she shares.

    Mommy Cristal Rafanan Song shares that her son now helps with sorting the laundry and putting dirty clothes inside the washing mchine. He also arranges his books, toys, and pillows by himself. For mommy Chloe Eunice's child, it's simpler tasks like wiping spills and dust, sweeping the floor, and folding clothes.

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    2. Make their favorite food with them

    Assembling pizza toppings is a simple but exciting activity for your toddlers!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ber Leones-Yac

    Your kids love food, so why not upgrade this experience by allowing them to make meals themselves! It's also a good hack to get picky eaters to enjoy different kinds of food.


    Mommy Ber Leones-Yac shares an easy activity: have a pizza-making session at home! All you need it so prepare a plate with the dough and a bowl filled with toppings. All your son has to do is to spread pizza sauce and put the toppings whichever way he likes.

    Once that's done, just pop it in the oven and wait for it to be baked. You can have a delicious pizza and get a memorable experience in one activity!

    3. D.I.Y. toys and educational materials

    You can download free worksheets online, print, and compile them in a binder for your child to learn and play with. The 'planets' are actually removable and can be attached using velcro.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Wella Joy Panopio-Diola

    While you can also buy toys and educational materials online, you can personalize and customize them according to your child's liking by doing it yourself at home! Mommy Wella Joy Panopio-Diola got creative and made her child a customized binder filled with worksheets that he can answer and browse through.

    She said that she got the worksheets online and then printed and laminated them.  (Click here for a list of sites that offer free and printable worksheets.)

    4. Watch educational videos


    You can use your child's limited screen time by watching child-friendly and educational videos online. Moms from our Village recommend preschool teacher Celine Cornejo's videos, and you can start with storytelling and circle song activities.

    5. Invest in open-ended toys

    Put toys in a tub of rice for a bit of sensory play, too!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ber Leones-Yac

    Mommy Minerva Alagao Morante recommends open-ended toys, which are sulit because they not only grow with your child, but they also develop their imagination, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Try these rainbow blocks that Mommy Ber's child enjoys. Its color and sizes are coordinated to the colors and position of a rainbow but your child can still use it however they want.

    6. Let them play with stickers

    These button stickers are not only cute, they're inexpensive, too!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Bloodberry Medrano

    Turn stickers into a game and hold your child's attention and encourage her to be more creative. According to Mommy Bloodberry Medrano, she got these sticker books for only Php10 each online.

    Not only does she learn about shapes and colors, the patterns act like a game that fuels her braind and challenges her creativity.

    Click here for more mom-approved indoor activities for your toddlers.

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